Sunday, August 29, 2010

Louis Flores YouTube on Suzannah B. Troy activism uses Apple technology!

Here is my YouTube Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! posted on May 4, 2009 way before anyone else would even entertain the reality that would shake the media machine here in NYC up!

Mush Hosotani Artist Union Square

I bought one of his small works not that I have any room but I loved it so much.

He is part of a very cool website!  Check it out!!!!!

Union Square Artist Art Power Movement

Monday the artists vs. NYC Parks Dept. City of NY -- I believe will be meeting with Judge Schoenfeld who for now has been protecting the artists serving the Parks Dept. with a restraining order  regarding the Parks Dept. letting them set up in their usual spots.

Tomorrow artist activists go before the judge and we are all praying he rules in favor of the artists.

If not there will be major protests organized of vendors city wide to fight for the rights of vendors to earn an honest living minus harassment.

City Council should remember vendors besides paying taxes also are voters!!!!!!!!!

Note:  The photo above is one of NY Shining Stars Miriam is my YouTube interview with her.  I love her jewelry but she can't sell her jewelry which is her art in the park!  There are so many rules and they are designed to push out the people who are mostly minority business people and all with a legal right to be there.

I bought her color intensified Coney Island Cyclone Photo!!!!!!!!

I have more postings on her and her art so go to my blog's search engine to check her out....amazing person!!!!
My interview with Miriam West!
Here I interview Tony her partner at a protest in the rain at Union Square.

These guys have a message for the mayor click on photo


Suki Weston and bestest friend! if you want custom NYC pet cards

Stay tuned...Here are the artists in the park in their usual spots today, Union Square.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giuseppi Logan Tompkins Square Park

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Muslim Miss USA: Move the Mosque!

Photo: Reuters
The New York Post reports Miss USA, Rima Fikih who hopes to be the next Miss Universe says move the mosque.   She is more eloquent than that of course..  Rima Fikih told entertainment "I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on constitutional rights of freedom of religion," the beauty queen said in an interview with "Inside Edition" that aired yesterday.

"I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on constitutional rights of freedom of religion," the beauty queen said in an interview with "Inside Edition" that aired yesterday.

I also agree that it shouldn't be so close to the World Trade Center. We should be more concerned with the tragedy than religion."

Americans overwhelmingly agree in religious freedom but this is about an open massive wound -- literally the WTC site were even recently body parts were found recently and loved ones are not near closure and still hoping for DNA, something more...

The other issue who funding and any terrorist groups linked to this mosque or any mosque here in the USA clearly are not welcome

If you want to build bridges, educate and heal why would you inflict so much pain which is clearly what that people behind the mosque intend hiding behind anti-Muslim which is not true.  The Mosques all over the downtown area including the East Village have not been victims of hate related to 9-11 that I am aware of .

Why would any religious group want to build where they know they are causing immense pain to loved ones that have overwhelmingly made it clear this is not the least not now?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo West Village garden Suzannah's secret hint... Mae West

East Village art work smell a rat

These words said to me Derek an urban poem match this art work

carbon put off by people,
         cranking heat, keep your carbon to yourself...

Penis Puppetry Noho East Village  

I am sure I saw this at a theatre mid-town but I am blocking -- maybe it is post-traumatic-p- stress but I don't remember...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Doug Biviano for Assembly! Great YouTube/Message for the Media: If you want to throw out the Bums in Albany, Cover their challangers!

When it Comes to Reporting on Government,

Our Press is Dysfunctional Also

Doug Biviano, candidate for NY State Assembly, asks a simple question of the local media:  “If you want to throw the bums out for what they have done to our state, why are you not following the candidates who are challenging the bums?” Biviano is so frustrated about the media’s lack of ability to perform its primary function of informing the public that he decided to make a short Michael Moore-type film about it

View Biviano’s Online Video

The film shows Biviano visiting and being turned down by almost every major media company in the city, in his quest to get the press to cover his campaign.  Biviano’s odyssey demonstrates that not only does the press refuse to cover the small handful of challengers running this year, they are not even open to discussion or debate about their decision.

Biviano is not an insider like most candidates running for office nowadays. He is just an average working guy who is outraged at what Albany has done to our State and to our families.  Biviano needs the press to inform the voters of his integrity and his creative ideas for how to fix Albany.  He does not have family ties to connected politicians, or lobbyists and special interest groups supporting him financially.  He has no personal fortune to help him run for office and to pay for the endless mailings needed to win election.

He is forced to run against a government funded incumbent who gives out member item money to community and senior groups for political support, and uses her Assembly staff and mailings in her campaign.  Biviano believes that it is the fault of the press that this vicious cycle of corrupt insiders controlling Albany is never broken.  The media blackout prevents independent challengers from getting their messages across to voters.

Biviano’s film starts out in the graveyard of Trinity Church where the father of modern journalism, John Peter Zenger, is buried in an unmarked grave.  Zenger was jailed in 1732 for trying to inform New Yorkers of the truth about their government, which should be the primary function of any journalist.

The film shows the NY Times editorial board hanging up on Biviano while he is in the lobby of the Times office building asking to speak to them about the May 16, 2010 editorial which said that if Albany did not fix itself up, New Yorkers should vote out incumbents - Jobs for Albany’s Do-Nothings.  Biviano wanted to tell the board that it was their 2004 editorial “Casting A Meaning Vote,” which encouraged him to run his uphill campaign against a well entrenched incumbent.  Doug wanted to tell the Times that his opponent, Joan Millman, as chairperson of the Election Law Committee is responsible for knocking dozens of challengers off the ballot every year.  Doug believes that if those candidates who were knocked off the ballot over the last several years were allowed to run, a few would have won and gone on to Albany and fixed many of the state’s corruption and dysfunction problems.

At the Daily News Biviano wanted to talk to the editorial board about the three editorials written in the past year, calling Millman a “scoundrel” for having deceived her constituents by cutting the MTA budget in Albany, while protesting the transit agencies threats to cut the student Metro Cards in her district.  One, Two and Three.  The Daily News would not meet with Doug, despite the fact that on July 26, 2010 they listed his opponent Joan Millman, as one of the ”Albany Bums to Throw Out.”

When Biviano visited 30 Rock (WNBC TV), he was told to make an appointment with the assignment desk. When he called the desk, they refused to see him or schedule a meeting.  He wanted to discuss with Gabe Pressman his article “A Culture of Corruption in Albany” the long time journalist had posted on the station’s blog describing most Albany elected officials as corrupt.

At NY1 Biviano was told that if he wanted coverage, he should create an event. Biviano replied that the campaign IS the event.

Biviano believes that today’s press, like Albany, is at best dysfunctional, at worst willingly protecting the insiders in government.  Why else would the press report on the corruption and dysfunction in our state government, but not cover the rigged election system and the few challengers who are able to get through it?

“This generation’s journalists and publishers have failed to keep the public informed,” said Assembly candidate Biviano.  “This failure means that more New Yorkers will lose their jobs, education and senior services will face additional cutbacks and most dangerous of all, it virtually guarantees that Albany’s problems will grow worse as incumbent after incumbent is reelected.”

“Perhaps not all the circulation losses by newspapers are the fault of the Internet,” Biviano continued.  “I think it has to do with the trend towards soft, fluff, gossip-type coverage and the lack of ability to inform the public as John Peter Zenger did almost 300 years ago.”

Doug Biviano believes that without a properly functioning free press, our Democracy and nation are in trouble.  He has decided to run to get this message out, to protect his family and to protect you.

Please join the fight:

Press Release and superb YouTube by Gary Tzizer

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jimmy's No. 43 Union Square cooking up a storm!! Farmers Market Union Square   Jimmy was cooking up something that smelled fiercely delicious smelling  and handing out a recipe for "sauteed corn and onions".

All I could say on this brutal hot day was yum and where is the beer?

Check out the website for info on Jimmy's blog, twitter account and more for this East Village bar located on 7th Street between 2 and 3rd Avenue.

Jimmy's No. 43 Union Square cooking up a storm!! Farmers Market Union Square   Jimmy was cooking up something that smelled fiercely delicious smelling  and handing out a recipe for "sauteed corn and onions".

All I could say on this brutal hot day was yum and where is the beer?

Check out the website for info on Jimmy's blog, twitter account and more for this East Village bar located on 7th Street between 2 and 3rd Avenue.

Miriam West, Lissie Carrasquillo and Marty Allen Artist Power Protest Union Square!

Top left hand corner photo:
Suzannah B. Troy and Miriam West both NYC artists that believe in the rights of Artist Vendors be in Union Square and anywhere -- it is called the 1st Amendment!!!!

I am pointing to my wearable Miriam West art -- my amazing Time Necklace by Miriam which has deep meaning for me, a Gandhi Necklace and pin!!!!!!

Photo to right: Lissie Canasquillio, her artist statement to the mayor king....Boombug let us work, eat and live!

Photo of 3: Marty Allen, Lissie Canasquillo and Miriam West all protesting for Artists' Rights at Union Square today!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Miriam West interviewed by Suzannah B. Troy on Mike Bloomberg and Adrian Benepe harassing and oppressing artists Union Square Park

Miriam and Tony explain to these young men about why they are here in the park protesting.  I am so glad they stopped to talk with Tony and Miriam.  They seemed to genuinely care.

Trapped By Fear -- Art by Miriam West

Tony and Miriam worked on the small Gandhi necklace together.  Their visual is very beautiful.  They have one more Gandhi left and I am buying it!  I am so grossed out by rich people trying to get my work for as little as possible I happily pay fellow artists for their work.

If you click on this photo you can see Gandhi - the sculpture in the park.   I had to walk around many trucks and tents to get to Gandhi and no artists were obscuring the Gandhi sculpture at all as Adrian Benepe thought and as far as the fountain -- the fountain area and the entire park is crowded so why single out artists and violate their 1st Amendment rights king Mike Bloomberg and Adrian Benepe?

We have no problem with the Farmers Market but please don't blame the artists for obscuring any thing to do with Gandhi with my photos give you just a hint of trucks and tents obscuring the sculpture,  not artists!!

Suzannah B. Troy having a Gandhi moment Union Square Park

My YouTube interview with artist Miriam West is processing and will be up in a few minutes!

I took a load of photos to prove that Adrian Benepe is just plain wrong about artists blocking the fountain area and the Gandhi sculpture.   I found all farmers market trucks and tents doing that and you know what -- it is so crowded all ready including tables set up for chess players why single out and oppress artists?  Why violate the 1st Amendment's right of Artists?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Artist needed to Protest Union Square Saturday 10 am 1st Amendment rights violated!

Note from a brave artist:

"A few of us artists are trying to get people to come out to union square park on wednesdays and saturdays with a display only stand or just a sign to let people know what's going on. here's a link to a video i took today of my display only stand. please feel free to put the link out there - we need all the help and bodies we can get!"

Please listen to YouTube and if you can show up anytime Saturday starting at 10AM thank you.

Please spread the word.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

George Bliss and Hub Station return to the West Village again! Now called Hudson Urban Bicycles!!!

Today in The New York Post -- Page 6 I saw a beautiful photo of Kate Winslet with a hottie male model jogging along side her as she road her tric made by George Bliss.  Her beautiful child was along for the ride.  Apparently these bikes are all the rage with glamourous Moms here in NYC.

George and me reunited -- George and Orvis (I was in love with Orvis now in doggie Heaven) lived across the street from my windows on 12th Street over 20 something years ago!  Go to my blog engine and YouTube and type George Bliss or Hub Station to see more postings!

Joanie Schwarz a beautiful talented photographer checks out Hudson Urban Bicycles formally known as Hub Station!   Here photos are beautiful.  Click on the link and see the photo of the baby!   Oh,  I want the baby and a custom George Bliss tric to bicycle with the kids!!!!!

Hudson Urban Bicycles formally known as Hub Station Soho is back!  For George Bliss admirers check my past postings and YouTubes on him!!!!!!

He has amazing bicycles and unique customs from Denmark and other countries across that big Ocean or he could build you a custom!

You can get repairs, you can rent, you can store your bicycle there, your can urbanize and accessorize your bike!

Come to Charles and Washington Street --- actually 139 Charles Street ---

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jim Kinkade contacts Suzannah B. Troy re: Giuseppi Logan: Makes her heart sing!

Subject: giuseppi logan
Hi Suzannah,
Thanks for helping Giuseppi's story get out and for all the vid's on youtube. I "inherited" both of Giuseppi's albums from my father when I was a teenager, and am still as fascinated by this extraordinary music as I was upon first listen. Like everyone, I thought he had passed away, but thankfully that wasn't the case. I think his new album just might be his finest. Again, thanks.
Jim Kinkade

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Trees Garden Activist arrested City Hall

Bravo for the activist that climbed up in the tree and refused to come down until Mike Bloomberg promised to protect community gardens.

Reminder "TREES" that lived their entire lives in Washington Square Park were ripped out and taken away for NYU and Mike Bloomberg's unwanted "improvements".

I am next.   I am climbing up the same tree and I am not coming down until Mike Bloomberg fires his campaign staff and reimburses the City of New York, Christine Quinn and her staff tell us the people how much tax payer money has been spent on their defense attorneys and democracy is returned to NYC....