Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Giuseppi Logan sending Suzannah B. Troy a lot of love Tompkins

bootysurgeon has made a comment on Giuseppi Logan, I give him a copy of Sound to Noise, GL tells me about generous NYC:

The head of Satan's Dance is one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard. Thanks for tracking him down and posting this. Logan's a treasure that should not be lost.


You can watch my YouTube documentary on Giuseppi Logan on YouTube!!!!!

Washington Square Park

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Needs to RESIGN Now by Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg needs to resign.  He did not keep his promises and he is all smoke and mirrors. Right now SAIC wants 110 million Sept. 30 to continue with an Orwellian Time Clock for city employees that does not work and won't save the city money for at least 50 years but makes consultants with no time clock very rich moving towards the billion dollar mark of tax payers money but Bloomberg wants to sign with SAIC -- a big federal company with some big scandals on it's resume - feels like a white collar crime against tax payer.  The NY Post exposed Bloomberg wiring money out of his personal account to the Independence Party funneled to Haggerty and the NY Post forced Cy Vance to do his job why has the Manhattan DA not served Mike Bloomberg, Kevin Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. with subpoenas?  Is this like Bloomberg trying to make the Deutsche Bank law suits go away-  Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino's family.  Is king Bloomberg going to make his Watergate go away?  If we don't get one democrat who can beat Quinn in the primary run and not a group to split the vote we will have Bloomberg running the city through a woman that helped him deny us a referendum also criminal in my opinion. Mike will run the city for a 4th term from the golf course but he should resign now and belongs in prison with everyone that aided and abetted him for campaign improprieties, denying us a referendum and 109 million and real estate dealings to his buddies who insisted he deny us a referendum all need to be investigated.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Politicos above the law and No to SAIC renewal No CityTime by Suzannah B. Troy

What took or takes so long when it comes to corruption with politicos here in NY? Re: City Council members -- what is the current tab for tax payers paying for their defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime some even using the same firms as Goldman Sach? Why no update on Sally Goldenberger's article on Christine Quinn and her staff and how much we are paying for their defense attorneys? Also why no follow-up on David Seifman's article on 62 emails Mike Bloomberg doesn't want to turn over he sent to Haggerty? The Manhattan DA should be asking for these emails and Patricia Harris, Sheekey's etc. but will they? I know Cy Vance is asking for more $ for his budget.  href="http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/bellies_to_the_trough_H0I0nRQCYCcl04rYzvIpSI#comments%23ixzz10k1QDhsO" style="color: rgb(0, 51, 153); text-decoration: none; ">http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/bellies_to_the_trough_H0I0nRQCYCcl04rYzvIpSI#comments#ixzz10k1QDhsO

SAIC renewal? Sept. 30 front page news Tax Payers should know + Haggerty Bloomberg's Watergate also blacked out!!!!!!


How could the SAIC renewal Sept. 30 not be front page news?   The list of consultants receiving close to half million each is staggering and no time clock for them and the Orwellian Time machine does not work.   Hopefully John Liu will say no!


The New York Post asked for 62 emails Mike Bloomberg does not want to turn over but where is the Manhattan DA on all this -- the Manhattan DA need to be asking that all the emails to Haggerty by Bloomberg, Keaney, Sheekey, Wolfson and all campaign staff and city staff -- the mayor blurred the line be turned over and investigate are their audio conversations via telephone calls to City Hall that are recorded if we -- New Yorkers call in -- so was and is Bloomberg recording any of these conversations as well........?  If so they need to be turned in  as well but Cy Vance is too busy asking the mayor for $ for his budget  and or too scared perhaps --- even Cuomo has become best friends with Mike which is a dangerous career move -- the anger toward bloomberg is sky rocketing!

Why is the Haggerty trial completely no news when it is possible the biggest story since Mike denying us a referendum and paying a record amount of money to win the most humiliating and expensive win in NYC history.

No one with big buck financial dealings wants Bloomberg to face the music but if the laws really applied to him he should have resigned already.  He had not right to deny us a referendum/ditto for his mini-me Quinn but I believe just like Watergate -- you need to follow the money trail and he has not declared all his campaign expenses and he funneled money to Haggerty exactly the same way he did the previous election but thru the Republican party instead of the Independence.

I continue to ask the FBI and Justice Dept. come in to investigate and the trial be moved out of the Manhattan DA's hands because of obvious reasons.

Is the Haggerty like Deutsche Bank law suits - something Mike Bloomberg thinks he can just make go away...

If Mike Bloomberg died right now NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia University, Bruce Rattner and so many more real estate magnates and certain folks from the financial sector would prop up his dead body to make sure their deals go through.   Even Giuliani's city planner said "No, it's a shell game" to Cooper Union to tearing down it's little yellow science building and supersizing and leasing for 99 years.

I hope Columbia U. loses it's eminent domain case if it gets heard in the Supreme court.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coney island it's future and past come to this event

Save Coney Island Header
Coney Island Panel Discussion! (and free walking tour...)
Save Coney Island
Heritage, Rides, and Redevelopment: What's Next for Coney Island?

Panel postcardWe are very excited to be co-sponsoring a panel discussion hosted by CUNY on the role that Coney's extraordinary past could play in its future redevelopment. The panel will be moderated by Pulitzer-prize winning historianMike Wallace, and the following speakers are confirmed to present:
The presenters will address the question of how Coney Island's rich history could factor into its redevelopment.  How can we build a 21st-century Coney Island that successfully capitalizes on Coney's heritage?  

Given the situation of several historic buildings in Coney Island, this conversation could not be more timely.  It will be a fantastic discussion, and we hope that you will join us.

The event will be free, though registration is strongly encouraged. Click here to register (and forward to your friends!).

WHEN - Thursday, September 30; 6.30 - 8.30PM
WHERE - CUNY Graduate Center; Proshansky Auditorium; 365 5th Ave (at 35th Street)
Sponsored by the Environmental Psychology Program at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the NYC Graduate Urban Research Network, the New York Landmarks Conservancy, Save Coney Island, the Historic Districts CouncilConey Island USA and the Coney Island History Project.

Walking Tour on Sundays
Don't miss the chance to join us in our walking tour of historic Coney Island!  The guided tour will cover all the historic buildings along Surf Avenue, as well as some of Coney's existing landmarks. 
We will have historic pictures so you can see what the buildings once were; and a few renderings illustrating how these buildings could be creatively restored and reused. 

WHERE - In front of the Shore Theater, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Aves
WHEN - Sunday, September 19th at 11:00 am (and every Sunday thereafter through the end of Sept.)

FREE! (but suggested donation of $10 appreciated) 

All comers get a free Save Coney Island button and a copy of our brand new Save Coney Island map!  (a special thanks to everyone who donated and made the printing of this trial run possible!!)

Forward this to a friend!  As always, thanks for your support! 
Save Coney Island


We are working to raise public awareness about this urgent threat to Coney Island's remaining historical structures and to promote the creation of a historic district in a renewed Coney Island amusement area. Please help our efforts by making a donation.

Make a Donation


Save Coney Island
237 Flatbush Avenue #248
Brooklyn, New York 11217

Monday, September 6, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy & friend Brooklyn Museum making like Rodin & Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I feel like a Rodin...a living breathing sculpture of my own design....?  Yes and no.....exhausted tired but happy to be at the Brooklyn Museum with a friend....please don't ask me to have your baby...we are standing in front of a Warhol, than we are standing in front of the Robert Fultonsculpture...and go up stairs to look at more Warhol -- oh there is Jodi Foster as a young girl...Interview Magazine....

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden beautiful.... so tired have to rest, lay down in the grass, talk about NYC politics and also take time to dream....waking dreams....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bloomberg, Paterson NYC round up Yankees to the American Indians enduring economic racist attack by our government here in NY

Click here to go to my YouTube and  find links in the  text portion or
here for NYC Shaky that takes a look at Rudy and Bloomberg off their game.

Below is my response to an article by Carolyn Thompson of The New York Post, "Tribal Smoke Break"
09/01/2010 10:58 AM
Watch my 2 YouTubes and I am about to do a new one about NYC's budget crisis, this issue and more including Bloomberg and Rudy but my tubes talk about the economic racism directed at the American Indians by Paterson and Bloomberg. Why should the American Indians pay for NY's budget crisis that was brought on by greed and stupidity . The American Indians have bad more than enough for the US's government's corruption and greed. In fact the USA owes them money not the other way around. The AI do not have the economic opportunities that Americans have on their reservation and they were robbed of their lands besides the fact that Paterson and Bloomberg are bent on violating the Seneca and Cayuga people's jurisdiction. Bloomberg wants to treat the American Indians like he does the middle classes. If the AI had land development deals or financial wall street firms on their land Mike would be kissing their posteriors instead of treating them with gross prejudice.

Washington Square Park renovations part 2 scandalous?