Monday, June 28, 2010

Larry Roland, bass player poem All the beautiful ones known and unknown dedicated to African American Jazz players

I filmed Larry Roland, a bass player who was playing with Giuseppi Logan giving Gisueppi a rest break with a solo performance.

Larry Roland read his poem dedicated to African American jazz greats, known and unknown.  Larry Roland told me when I interviewed him after the gig that "Jazz", America's Art form was kicked off by slaves.  Larry told me his concerns for jazz greats known and unknown some in homes, forgotten, with no health insurance.  He expressed a real feeling for Giuseppi Logan.  He told me jazz greats known and unknown are dying and their spirits come down...Dying quietly.

Giuseppi Logan 5C Cultural Center Lower East Side filmed by Suzannah B. troy
FYI, the food is delicious. I had a fresh carrot pudding desert that was vegan and out of this world delicious and blueberry lemonade.

Don't forget to watch my YouTube series on Giuseppi Logan from finding him all alone in Tompkins to helping him reunite with his son for the first time in 40 years!

The miracle of Apple teaching me video and YouTube helped me work a miracle.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giuseppi Logan "Love me Tonight" Original song he composed on his new CD

To my loyal loving readers and to Giuseppi Logan fans: go to blogger's search engine at my central blog and type in his name for more postings. This is part 3 in the piano series Tompkins....

Thanks for all your beautiful notes to me and all the touching comments on Giuseppi Logan....very moving....back at you!
Love and big hugs,
Suzannah B. Troy

Gary Newton volunteer Sing for Hope piano in Tompkins

Gary Newton has the combo to the locks on the piano in Tompkins so that makes him a very important volunteer for the program "Sing for Hope" -- "Arts Activism in Action".

I attended a meeting last night downtown and past two more pianos in a small Tribeca park but no one was playing them. Some how I have a feeling if they were in Tompkins all the pianos would be in use.

Monks by The Wall Street Bull

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giuseppi Logan plays piano in Tompkins Square park "Arts Activism in Action 5C Cultural Center - Avenue C and 5th Street

Giuseppi Logan is playing the piano in Tompkins Square Park. The piano is there as part of a program called "Arts Activism in Action."  Volunteer, Gary Newton unlocked the piano so Giuseppi Logan could play.  I am told GL played the bag pipes, flute, sax, clarinet and piano.

He told me he wished he had a piano in his home.

Right now we can't even get his phone up and working.  Hope to have that resolved soon.

My YouTube documentary playlist

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hiss and Spit a non-profit finding homes for kitty cats Union Square
I love this woman's face and smile.   She and beautiful kittens are roughing the heat in hopes of finding homes for kittens and cats in need.  I made a donation and if you are a loving kind soul please adopt a kitty cat in need!

Thanks, hugs and love,

Suzannah B. Troy buys another Rishat Kamalov photo of Coney Island Union Square
Above is the link to my first purchase of a photo of Rishat Kamalov  of The Cyclone which is quite large.  Today I had hoped to make it to Coney Island and see the mermaids and activists, friends, characters....maybe ride the Cyclone again in the front favorite spot.

I spoke with the Kamalov's devoted wife and daughter selling his wonderful photos and they had their Artist Power sign up.  They told me because of the changes put in place they would most likely be moving to Union Square.

In the meantime I told them today 1010WINS reported Robert Lederman is suing Rudy Giuliani's predecessor and I expected Robert to win and defeat the mayor king Bloomberg the way he did Guiliani.

Because I feel too tired to make it to Coney Island here is a shot of mine on my humble IPhone 3GS but get ready folks my new IPhone is on the way with a much better camera and HD video plus ZOOM!!!!!
My 3GS was white but you could only get the new phone in black.  I hope to make a documentary from start to finish on my phone.  I wish it was the Giuseppi Logan story....which I have up as a YouTube documentary.  I have a series following NYC characters, artists, etc. but not all were filmed entirely on my Iphone and the 3GS was not HD.  I love this photo of mine too!  I love Rishat Kamalov's Coney Island Cyclone photos and now I have two!

Instead I bought a small photo of Kamalov's and I love it because of how he uses color and how he framed the shot!  "How Sweet it is!"

Mike Bloomberg's development schemes still endangering New Yorkers

Michael Bloomberg and his administration continue to prove their reckless development continues to endanger New Yorkers....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ti-Hua Chang East Village Cooper Union - no rent increase

Because of the economic crisis no rent increase is what people are saying....

Or course landlords disagree...

Ti-Hua says there has always been rent increases...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yetta Kurland's message, Suzannah B. Troy's photo St. Vincent's Hospital post by S. Troy

Dear Neighbor,

Last night, hundreds of us went to the Little Red School House to participate in the St. Vincent's Omnibus Committee Meeting with the hopes of moving forward the community's efforts to find a way to open a community based hospital at the site of St. Vincent's.

Encouraged by Senator Duane's recent prediction that a hospital was "achievable" and the days and weeks spent working to create opportunities like this for the community to come together we were cautiously hopeful.  We were excited to hear from elected officials and representative from various community board effected, and to ask questions.

Instead, unfortunately, we were not given this opportunity to discuss how to get a hospital.  Not even one elected official joined the meeting and Julie Menin, the Chair of Community Board 1 who was there last night and has continued to have great ideas on how to make this happen was not invited on the panel.

Instead, we heard from representatives about plans for an urgent care center by Long Island Jewish Hospital.  We also heard from urgent care facilities outside of the area on the lower east side and in Chinatown.  While these individuals were very nice and we have no doubt their centers are well kept, as one community member put it "We laude your efforts, but for the purposes we are here for, 'so what?'... will you help us in our struggle to ensure a hospital for the lower west side?".

It was a long meeting and not the most accommodating.  But I think we got our message across; We will keep coming back again and again, until our elected officials, our community representatives and those in charge allow us to engage in a truthful and good faith discussion on why this hospital closed in violation of law and how we get a new one to serve our community.

The good news is that we were out in the hundreds, and that each time there are more of us standing up to demand health care for our community. The other good news is that we got a commitment from Brad Hoylman the Chair of this Committee that it would meet with the community to figure out how to have a hospital at the St. Vincent's site.  We also asked if the Committee would put forward a resolution to lock the land use so that it could only be used for a hospital, and we got a commitment from Long Island Jewish Hospital to sit down with us to figure out how a hospital could happen at the site.

Enough is enough.  We have to sit down and truly discuss the nuts and bolts of how our community gets a hospital back at the St. Vincent's site.  I will let you all know as soon as we have a date in the near future to do this.

In solidarity,

NYPD called to CB2 - outrage community NEEDS a hosptial

----- this is the info I was sent -----
At last night's Community Board 2 meeting, they called the cops out on some
angry citizens, but thankfully nobody was arrested. And then Brad Hoylman,
who ran the meeting, silenced Yetta by forcibly yanking the microphone out
of her hands and walking away with the mic. He didn't like what she had to
say at the public meeting, and so he censored her !

Suzannah B. Troy trying to order new Iphone

I can't get the order form on the computer yet....static on the lines?  I know it is early in the morning but I was hoping to have my new phone ordered.

I had been writing Apple asking for certain features like zoom, a better camera and video because I told them if I had all those features on my original phone I would have been the first film maker at Sundance Film Festival with a documentary completely shot on my phone!

It would have been the Giuseppi Logan story.....

oh well.....

can't wait to get my new iphone....

Mike Bloomberg defended BP he was wrong (again)
Mike Bloomberg term limits deal ordeal was criminal in my opinion and ditto for defending BP.
Looks like Mike Bloomberg was wrong again but his attitude is he has more money than anyone else in NY so who cares!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soho Journal picks up Suzannah B. Troy's art YouTube on Albany shutdown and Depression?

Paul activist saves Peter and Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen!!!!!

Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen Mihoko Hakata -- watch the new YouTube

Peter thanks the community and truly there are so many community members that have helped people over the years and continue to do so -- God Bless Them all!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Readers: Peter still needs help so please stop by and shop Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen 130 St. Mark's Place 8th Street between 1st and Ave. A NYC 10009 212-677-7597 fax: 212 677-7067

Saturday, June 12, 2010

West Village Beauty

True Blood + NY Politics True Nightmare by Suzannah B. Troy

If you have HBO which costs bucks than most likely you will be tuning in to see True Blood tomorrow night.  Alan Ball has another huge tv series sensation following on the heels of Six Feet Under and I expect an extremely high viewing audience will tune in to for this season opener that has received excellent reviews although also warnings of lots of blood and werewolves. Last season became just way to gross for me but this season sounds great so I will tune in.  I tried reading the books but they could not compete with Alan Ball's magic.  The actors are excellent.  I just can't stand all the graphic violence and special effects.  I prefer to use my imagination.   Alan doesn't allow you to use your imagination illuminating some very beautiful men and women's naked bodies. Now on to a free horror show for anyone interested in New York.  From Albany to City Hall it is a disaster.   Mike Bloomberg is like Chauncey Gardener in Being There played by Peter Sellers but in Mike's case, Mike is above average intelligence and so bland in contrast to all his over powering attempts to control the media presenting him as anything other than what he is -- in my opinion a criminal.  What?  Yes.  He pushed through a third term denying us, the people a referendum.  He pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development displacing countless numbers of people and small business and on "old" NY's infrastructure which is collapsing and exploding not to mention all the construction accidents. Reckless, stupid and greedy as what caused Wall Street to implode.  For more scandals you will have to go to my blog Mayor Bloomberg King of New York and visit my YouTube channel Suzannahartist. If I have painted enough of a nightmare than tune in to my new YouTube because Monday we will find out if the clowns of Albany force a historic shut down of Albany which in could theory throw us in to a depression and some New Yorkers are already living in a depression. For a true nightmare you can watch for free tune in to New York Politics....If you have HBO and want even more violence and lots of nudity take a break and tune in to True Blood.  I hear the season opener and this new season is a winner. Click here for link to Brendon Scott's piece exposing GREED in the midst of major budget crisis For corruption on Mike Bloomberg and gang check out my blog....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

John Dillinger Death Mask The American Gangster Museum by Suzannah B. Troy As you know gangsters tend to be a big hit at the box office and on the television.   If you miss the Sopranos don't worry, Marty Scorsese will be entertaining you soon enough with "Boardwalk Empire" -- described on the website as "The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City. Personally I can't wait for the HBO Series with the title NYC empire: Birth, High Times....about what is happening right now.

 But if you are in need of a gangster fix than you can visit The American Gangster Museum on 80 St. Mark's Place housed in the historic Theatre 80. The newest acquisitions are the death mask of John Dillinger and sundry items of gangster or killing machine Roy Demeo including a baseball bat. 

Gangsters have their appeal and America has it's share of colorful characters that the world is just obsessed with so tune in to HBO soon for 12 episodes or just make a date to visit Theatre 80. You can even rent the Theatre 80 for private parties, just don't bring a base ball bat or a machine gun.  They are already there on display!

Washington Square Park

John Dillinger Death Mask The American Gangster Museum St. Marks Place East Village

Monday, June 7, 2010

NY1 showed water main break 3 years ago - still a disaster 2nd Ave. 7th Street In my opinion Cooper Union's mega sized studio build caused this medium size water main break that looked like the East River came to 2nd Avenue. You can see a diverse group of East Villager including me interviewed.
The intersection still has not healed and is as dangerous as hell.
There years and the city can't solve this problem. I photographed a custom street conditions car courtesy of the tax payers parked in front of the crater and the city gov worker no where to be found.
Also note 2 small businesses there are now gone. See my other YouTubes from around the corner for the streets being a mess for years and my blog for photos of the area looking like a bomb exploded with Con Ed workers camped out and Bloomberg had not right to push a reckless tsunami of development city wide catering to rich developers including NYU, NY Law, Cooper Union, Columbia U., Donald Trump and every reckless idiot that insisted on busting through our zoning and weighing way to heavy on our infrastructure. Mike Bloomberg's Streets of NY part 1 part 2 Here a fire truck's front wheel falls in to a hole (infrastructure problem) in the street upper west sdie

Friday, June 4, 2010

Steve Rattner scandals didn't break before the mayoral election lucky Mike Bloobmerg
Steve Rattner along with John Sexton the president of NYU who is paid close to 2 million dollars and most of us can't imagine the luxury real estate digs and high powered friends that pull strings both pushed Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term and did their best to make sure Mike got in.

Lucky for these greedy ruthless guys Steve Rattner did not get busted for kick backs with pension fund scandals before the election....funny about the timing... isn't it.

These guys have denial running thru their veins not blood -- their ruthless dealings to keep Mike on the throne of City Hall with his mini-me Christine Quinn in place was essential for all kinds of wheelings and dealings.

For NYU having Mike flush democracy down the toilet and getting back in was key because NYU like Columbia University, Cooper Union have shady and massively crushing displacing real estate deals they need to complete and Bill Thompson would not have acted like he is the mayor of these Universities that use "higher ed" like a tax shelter with their goal to continue to massively displace the people of New York as well as bot out the sun and consume what is left of the our city for sky piercing concrete zone busters all in the name of higher greed not education.

Steve Rattner knows a lot about higher greed and not respecting limits which is why he like John Sexton urged Mike to run for a third term.  John Sexton ran down to City Hall to testify that Mike must have a third term.

Even supposed village local papers supported Mike and his mini-me Christine Quinn and lucky for Mike Bloomberg the Steve Rattner scandals were exposed fully only after the election...

Timing is everything....isn't it?

Juan Gonzalez of The N Y Daily News cutting edge expose on CityTime Tax Payer's Titanic!!!!

Juan Gonzalez has been at the forefront and mostly a soloist reporting a major scandal "CityTime" sinking tax payer dollars like the Titanic and again today his latest expose is entitled "Time to Stop Clock".   I  wrote about CityTime, Mike Bloomberg's techno-dream to save the city money by making low tier workers sign in with their hand print costing close to a billion dollars and will easily bust the billion dollar mark very soon with what appears to have one really purpose and that is to make well connected "consultants" lots of money.

The renewal date is coming soon...This September and rather than renew, based on what I have read in both Juan Gonzalez's series of cutting edge investigative reporting and a piece by Ali Winston in City Limits.

I could not find this article on the front page of The New York Daily News website.  I read the article in the hard copy which I happily pay full price for at the stands but I couldn't find it on the website.

It is too bad the news did not have this front page and center because Juan Gonzalez's powerful expose on this on going money pit with a shocking number of consultants...actually hundreds of them paid a fortune deserves attention and every tax payer should know about their money filling 200 plus consultants deep pockets and some with "extremelyclose" ties to City Hall....

Superb reporting. I am posting on as many blogs as possible. It is amazing that CityTime aka's the Tax Payer's Titanic is not getting more attention in the press. Great work. I have also read SAIC the company over seeing CityTime was embroiled in scandals on a federal level as well as in IRAQ. Did Bloomberg bring in SAIC because he thinks the mayor's office is his stepping stone to the White House? Here is my YouTube and in the text portion is a link to a piece I wrote based on Juan Gonzalez's powerful series on this and Ali Winston's article which exposes major scandals with SAIC. There also seems to be major conflicts of interest. Great work Juan Gonzalez.

Here is my blog posting on CityTime--The mayor's techno dreams are the taxpayers Titanic

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Giuseppi Logan WFMU Tompkins News by Suzannah B. Troy

Giuseppi Logan wants me to listen to him on WFMU.  I just haven't had a chance yet.  I continue to get very touching responses to my series on him including today and I haven't even had a chance to write back which I will do so shortly.  You can find my YouTube documentary series on Giuseppi Logan on YouTube and if you haven't seen it, I promise you, you will be moved.  He went from homelessness, thought dead by his many fans to my plastering him playing jazz on YouTube and cutting a new album for the first time since the 1960's with ESP.
Jazz Review by Tim Madison -- the first person to contact me and explain the significance of the 1st YouTube and Tim urged me to continue filming.  I have to thank him because I had endured one of the scariest and most disturbing experiences of my life other than Sept. 11 and did not think I had the energy to do so.

Giuseppi still needs your support.   His youngest son and only son from his 2nd marriage is living on the West Coast and will be back to continue his work on finding his father and that was because of my YouTubes as well as losing his son to a random act of gun violence.  Several shots to the back of the head would end Giuseppi Logan's grandson's life and Jaee, named after his Dad was an honor student and a football high school star.

Also please note, I don't have any information on a homeless woman that has lived most of her adult life -- the last 30 years most in and around Tompkins Square Park here in the East Village in New York City.  She wrestles with many of the problems that celebrities do as reported on TMZ but she is poverty level and I wish I could protect her from the creeps that would exploit her including a hateful blogger that follows her and has followed me as well without my knowledge photographed me and plastered our photos -- her topless and she was drunk out of her mind; mine an attack semitic gay bashing.

She has serious issues and needs help.  When I think of her,  I always think of Ozzie Osborune, although she is African American and blind in one eye because drunk she can be as bad as Ozzie and sober as sweet but she has no advocate.   She has no public relations person and this sicko stalker trashes her and of course me for defending her and pointing out he doesn't want anyone photographing him with or without his shirt and he has the luxury of a door to close and she has none.  That is me understating vile hateful circumstances.

The NYPD has tried to help her even arranging housing for her and she has refused it.

I don't know how you can help someone like her and truly sober she is a good soul.  She has told me she knows she needs rehab.

If anyone reading this can say a pray for her...she needs them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bloomberg's Orwellian Ad Campaign by Suzannah B. Troy

Watch my sometimes humorous but very serious  two part YouTube series and see how Mike Bloomberg, the little emperor of NYC lives above the laws, changing them, enforcing them on a certain group of New Yorkers with the goal to push them out including ticketing them to death, etc.
I interview Clayton Patterson on being given a $300 ticket for his door that has graffiti on it and he wants the graffiti to stay but we have a nanny mayor and the city demands Clayton paint the door black to remove the graffiti.

It is hard to distinguish from the photo above if this Orwellian Ad campaign on the public steps of Grand Central Station is for Mike's private empire or his public although way the bottom it does say it seems very similar to his Orwellian Ad campaign for mayor of New York City where he spent a record amount of money to win or buy the election.

In my two part interview, Clayton Patterson  talks about how the mayor is driving out the people, and how the mayor is part of a movement that wants everything homogenized meaning everything made the same -- like the tv shows...."Housewives", like Starbucks --  could be anywhere -- any  city and we talk about how that is how Bloomberg wants women...

Bella Abzug could have been speaking up  anywhere  and you would have said that outspoken woman with the hat who said "Women belong in the house --- House of Representatives" is from New York.  She could have only been from NY but Bloomberg and the movement that "thinks Bloomberg" that shares his ideology and this newest ad campaign instructing us to "Think Bloomberg" is "the Starbucks Nation" where it is "chain foods, chain stores, chains for the indivduals...

This ad campaign is truly Orwellian instructing the view how to think and appears to be just like his mayoral campaign and very difficult to distinguish is this "legalized graffiti"?, work or pleasure, oops, I meant to say is this promoting Bloomberg the mayor or Bloomberg the 2nd income of Mike Bloomberg that brings him billions when the world is mostly have an economic meltdown?

Watch the YouTubes and stay tuned....

I am waiting for a call back from Bloomberg's public relations person.
I want to know how much the ad campaign on the steps at Grand Central station cost and the procedure to make it happen so I can do a very small one too?
Do you think I can afford to do so?
What did Mike pay the advertising firm to come up with "Think Bloomberg" and is it the same firm that worked on his mayoral campaign.
Are the keeping their muscles warm for a presidential campaign?
Will Clayton Patterson have to fight for the right to have his front door the way he wants his front door to look and not uniformed as demanded by our nanny mayor how has the money and connections to put "Think Bloomberg" anywhere he wants including public spaces in Grand Central Station.
Stay tuned!!!!!