Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vidal Sassoon Super Stars Reborn at Salon SCK near Lincoln Center!

I always loved Vidal Sassoon and even rented the movie about Vidal from Itunes so when I heard news there was a rebellion (see link above) I moved quickly!   It was like the Civil War, the North vs the South and I backed the North of course!

I am loyally following the Vidal Sassoon Rebellion on my blogs as Vidal Sasson expatriates ---   super star hair stylists and colorists shine on at their new home Salon SCK and I Love Salon SCK!

Here I am with Lai, my miracle worker who makes me look like I have a lot more hair than I have!

Lai and I  have been together for a long time so where he goes I follow.

I don't understand how Vidal Sassoon could lose their top talent but New Yorkers are very loyal and we have followed Lai, April, Valerie, Clint, Arlene, Heather, Kelly, Joseph, Thea and Melinda to Salon SCK at 1845 Broadway -- 2nd floor.    Walk through the front doors ground level and up the stairs in to this elegant yet very cool hair oasis.

After you get your hair artfully made-over you can walk over to Lincoln Center and take in some of the best cultural events or take in the Chagall Painting and enjoy the people gathering about as you look absolutely fabulous!

Salon SCK is just a bit more relaxed atmosphere and yet highest the high standards of Vidal Sassoon and if you wondered where the top talent went you can find that at Salon SCK!

I love SCK!
Suzannah B. Troy
Artist Activist
ps  I  am on a budget so I visit once every other month

NYC Subway Woman Screaming Like a Banshie!

Too dangerous to point camera at her so I point at myself.  She spits and than moves to next car.   Don't most New Yorkers feel like screaming whether it is frustration with the MTA, work, well the list is so long here in New York.....

I was scared but I was so stressed out about my YouTubes on Bloomberg's NYPD being removed this was almost like a vacation for me.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Uploaded videos (playlist)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Suzannah Troy Dressed as Christine Quinn Carriage Horse Protest Today 1pm

Rain or shine see you there!!!

"Suzannah as Christine Quinn" 

Elizabeth Forel's demo today rain or shine 1PM at north/west corner of Central Park South and Fifth ave at the hack line.  


Thursday, August 16, 2012

NYPD Hero Lt. Petrosino Italian American Museum & NYPD David Durk!!!!

 Giggle-- I met an FDNY that looks like Giuseppe Petrosino!

David Durk is Jewish but he is honored along with Frank Serpico who I don't like because he is a phony -- yeah an honest cop but a terrible person in my book not loyal/didn't treat  the mother of his baby and the actually baby right.  The movie Serpico incorrectly portrayed Durk as a desk jockey and not the dynamo he was.  It was all about Serpico of course.

Petrosino and Durk are two of my favorite NYPD.


Here I am in front of The Italian American Museum 155 Mulberry St. with my favorite NYPD Lt. Hero Petrosino honored in the window!

Can you see how much I love Lt. Petrosino?  I just love him!   I have my NYPD pin with his badge number safe.  I love to wear it but I get so scared of losing it!   The gentleman that founded the museum took the photo but he is an Iphone virgin so that's his finger.  I like the photo because it captures my love and when I am happy my inner beauty switch is on!
I love Lt. Petrosino!!!!!!!

Here I am at the beautiful exhibit at the NY Police Museum and I believe a new documentary will be released soon.

I went and had pizza and wine across from Lt. Petrosino's Park and if I was rich I will fill his park with treed and beautiful plants.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google YouTube Censorship & Sexual Discrimination Why I wish I was Breast Feeding in My YouTube on Gerard Denault Suing SAIC and Winning + Westlane Po

Please wake me up from this Orwellian sexual nightmare?  Please.  I have also been threatened by Ad Sense yet again because an ex-partner in blogging that has a Google YouTube partnership so he knows better that plugs in my Ad Sense account and uses the word "orgasm" this time Paris Hilton on blog that I never even knew existed so it clear people are interferring with me.

The only thing that has not been done to me is an arrest  by Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Mae West for her broadway show SEX 

Oh look at the subject content of what I am talking about including Westlane Police and fire lawsuit siting possible insider trading.....

Google YouTube gives me no way to fight this false allegation so I am asking Google Legal via email to take a look and see there is nothing adult compared to countless YouTubes I could show in court of uber famous music videos by Lady Gaga and Pink that have not been given adult ratings about my YouTube on mega-corruption SAIC and City Hall blacked out news has?

Note the last letter writing campaign to google one letter compared me to Joan Rivers -- well if she had breasts like mine she would do what I do.

Most people are too stupid to know I am talking about the male gaze a power grab -- how Huf Hefner figured out that even the poor guy could pay a few bucks and feel like he is king gazing at a naked woman's body -- power grabs and that is what is going on in the mega corruption in NYC politics from tech contracts, lobbyists, real estate grabs and for me sexual politics and how abusively and poorly women are treated.

Wake me up from this nightmare including the largest corrupt and fraud theft NYC gov history way beyond was Preet Bharara is prosecuting and why won't he go back in Time CityTime.  Why no arrests NYC gov officials which he indicated would happen but hasn't.   Why no criminal investigation and indictments ECTP 911?  We just hired NASA for 14 million dollars and it is 2 billion 14million so Cy Vance and US Attorney won't prosecute and this is bigger corruption than CityTIme and my video more sexy and sexual than Pink having sex with herself on YouTube.  tell them Pink and Lady Gaga YouTubes more sexual and graffic so why aren't their YOuTubes banned as adult?
You can also ask that Google Adsense stop threatening me for Zennie 62's use of the word orgasm and his abuse taking my ad sense account and plugging it in his miami blog to get my ad sense account suspended clearly makes me a victim of politics including sex politics.

I made up the term Geo-sexua politics and it means we ain't equal  Why can men be topless on YOuTUbe and I can't not that I want to.  Why can't I breast feed the most family natural act you can do and talk about politics that affect the Nation's children?

Reminder my YouTube channel taken down before the mayoral election.   I got an apology 28 hours later and my YouTubes returned.  The wiki page on this was removed based on an urgent demand for removal because I am not famous enough?  Are you kidding me?  Again look at the wiki pages that are up.  Laughable

If  I was raped and murdered you would rush to report the news.  Thank you.

Thank you,

On Aug 9, 2012, at 2:18 AM, YouTube Service wrote:

YouTube          help center | e-mail options | report spam
Regarding your account:Suzannahartist
The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content that may not be suitable for all viewers:
Suzannah B. Troy Only One to Report Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won & More Blacked Out News!
As a result, we have age-restricted this content.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Look Down 7th Avenue

Aly Raisman Gold Medal Honors Israeli Athletes Murdered

Thank G-d.   

Olympics like the rest of the world Racist aka Anti-Semitic.

vs this coverage.    Show media white wash quiet anti-Semitism. Video and article no mention of her honoring anniversary of Israeli athletes. Quiet racism against my Jewish people. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Suzannah B. Troy Only One to Report Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won & More ...

Sports Bars NYC Watch Ball Boys ABC on the Weekends

At a sports bar in NYC on the weekends....

than tune in to Ball Balls ABC with Robbie Senior his adorable son and staff as we see all kinds of sports treasures and memorabilia.

I really enjoyed watching this weekends segments....check them out!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vegan Weekend Affordable NYC Moo Shoes Book Event This Week   Moo Shoes Vegan Shoes has a book even this week