Thursday, August 16, 2012

NYPD Hero Lt. Petrosino Italian American Museum & NYPD David Durk!!!!

 Giggle-- I met an FDNY that looks like Giuseppe Petrosino!

David Durk is Jewish but he is honored along with Frank Serpico who I don't like because he is a phony -- yeah an honest cop but a terrible person in my book not loyal/didn't treat  the mother of his baby and the actually baby right.  The movie Serpico incorrectly portrayed Durk as a desk jockey and not the dynamo he was.  It was all about Serpico of course.

Petrosino and Durk are two of my favorite NYPD.


Here I am in front of The Italian American Museum 155 Mulberry St. with my favorite NYPD Lt. Hero Petrosino honored in the window!

Can you see how much I love Lt. Petrosino?  I just love him!   I have my NYPD pin with his badge number safe.  I love to wear it but I get so scared of losing it!   The gentleman that founded the museum took the photo but he is an Iphone virgin so that's his finger.  I like the photo because it captures my love and when I am happy my inner beauty switch is on!
I love Lt. Petrosino!!!!!!!

Here I am at the beautiful exhibit at the NY Police Museum and I believe a new documentary will be released soon.

I went and had pizza and wine across from Lt. Petrosino's Park and if I was rich I will fill his park with treed and beautiful plants.