Saturday, November 30, 2013

The NY Times David Chen David Goodman to Censor My Comment on the NYPD?

NYT Article: In Naming Top Police Official, De Blasio May Signal Change

 Here is my comment at 8:49PM -- let's see if it makes it past The NY Time Censors that often make me feel like I live in Communist China and not NYC, USA.  I had to remove 2 paragraphs to make it acceptable for their word count.

"The NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas Casino.

I know first hand as a victim of a violent crime at a doctor's office in Soho after I had cyst removed on my elbow with 2 numbing injections and 2 bags on my arm I became a human piƱata for a receptionist/office manager and not fired or arrested.  The NYPD involved coerced me to drop charges 19 days after the attack or go to jail for a weekend with a hole in retina and my neck in a brace!

The Public Advocate's office called Internal Affairs on my behalf and was told the case open but guess what?  The lead detective that coerced me to drop charges has already had the case closed by -- try not to laugh -- "The Integrity Bureau" which I am told is where Internal Affairs send cases to die.  Coercion is a crime   

The NYPD met with my attacker but refused to meet with despite a video  my attacker threatening me with bodily harm and repeatedly assaulting me after she repeatedly violated my patient rights.

Time for a new Commission in to NYPD and Internal Affairs and a new commish and head of internal affairs that will make ground breaking changes including stopping the retaliation against whistle blowers.

We get a new commission every 20 years.  I called up the retired Honorable Judge Mollen and asked him how we get a new Commission in to Police corruption.  Retired Honorable Judge Mollen told me he was appointed by the mayor.  I don't believe Bill De Blasio will do so until the 2nd term but we need one asap."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rudin Family Greed Condos Ad Defaced "Except a Hospital"

Whom ever had the courage to do this BLESS YOU.

Except Job!
We do not have a Trauma Level 1 Hospital like St Vincent's which had a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care and a generator that worked during Hurricane Sandy and had the medical essentials to deal with victims of terrorism

Mike Bloomberg, Scott Stringer (Stringer gets celebrities to back him that do not understand he sold us out just like Quinn - truly all involved sick greedy and stupid.)

Rich greedy stupid real estate greed no different than Bernie Madoff like John Sexton the Jon Corzine of NYU -- NYU made off with our neighborhoods.

Rudin Family Greed Condos Ad Defaced "Except a Hospital"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giuseppi Logan ESP 50th Anniversary

Giuseppi Logan ESP 50th Anniversary

Giuseppi Logan ESP 50th Anniversary

Giuseppi Logan ESP 50th Anniversary

Giuseppi Logan ESP Anniversary except piano to sax

NYPD Ray Kelly IAB Sued YouTube Blocked Vid Upload Suzannah Troy's Oppos...  took way too many tries to upload this.  I was repeatedly blocked on this and my sub channel Suzannah Troy and so I posted first on CNN Ireport and Vimeto

Hackactivist Jeremy Hammond Free Him 21 Months Jail Enough

Giuseppi Logan ESP 50th Anniversary Party I want to Hug GL and I will hand out Google Dr Fagelman Assault Cards

I will attend ESP anniversary, hug GL and I will hand out Google Dr Fagelman Assault Delita Hooks Assaulted me NYPD Coercion Internal Affairs Fixed it too cards.   I am 324 views away from 18,000 views and my YouTubeland Justice.    My GL youtube I am so proud of falls to 3rd most viewed video on my list with my art Condom Bra number 1.  

3:38 can't get back to sleep.  Thank you and Bless you for supporting my efforts to get YouTube to shame all involved.  Follow link below for update on my lawsuit read my motion opposition to dismiss.  

Extreme Exhaustion - don't know how I will get there -- after MTA subway hell thinking hiring a car but when Dad died 2 weeks ago the car service sent me a crazy angry man who drove me around for hours being abusive.  He didn't punch me like Dr Fagelman's receptionist and as the police waited patiently for me to notify me Dad died the psycho driver hung his head in shame so unlike Delita Hooks and the women in the video he understood what he did wrong.  The women in the video did not ask if I was okay.  They have no souls and lack humanity and decency.  It is 3:15.  The assault video has over taken Giuseppi Logan's Begin the Beguine The NY Times referenced so Thank You for continuing to expose in my opinion Dr Andrew Fagelman an evil man who did not fire Delita Hooks and the women in the video, Delita Hooks and Det John Vergona, and all his co- workers, supervisors and Internal Affairs. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

ESP Disk 50th Anniversary I hope to Attend Give Giuseppi Logan a Hug

ESP Disk 50th Anniversary I hope to Attend Give Giuseppi Logan a Hug

The most moving article that also acknowledged the power of this YouTube was written by the publisher of Signal to Noise, Pete Gershon.   Page 3 of the article :  Stunning photo of me and GL together on a bench in Tompkins before I was assaulted and gained a weight --- aged a hudred years.

I will make an effort to attend.    I have no idea how to get there.

 I feel so violated by Delita Hooks and Dr Fagelman and the NYPD and Internal Affairs their actions in my opinion criminal.

I told Giuseppi Logan what Delita Hooks did to me and he told me he had his share of experiences like that.

I am beyond exhausted deeply traumatized.

Losing my Dad and the aggravated harassment I allege witness tampering on behalf of the in my opinion corrupt NYPD and IAB started.   I contacted the FBI, Google's US Enforcement group and their legal.  I filed my opposition to dismiss see here….

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NYPD IAB Lawsuit

Working on it. Also grieving Dad. Hard to blog. 

Activist sent me posts.  

Bluestockings Events

We host events nearly every night. Bluestockings' events are wheelchair accessible and have seating available for attendees.

Wednesday | November 13 |7:00pm
Breathless: An American Girl in Paris
launch + reading + signing with Nancy K. Miller

Nancy K. Miller’sBreathless is a provocative coming-of-age memoir about one young woman’s unconventional journey of self-discovery when she moves to Paris in the 1960s, an era when women were expected to embrace domesticity. After graduating from Barnard College, Nancy K. Miller sailed to Paris to study French literature and complete a master's degree. She is now a Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center, CUNY, where she teaches classes in memoirs, graphic novels, and women's studies.

Thursday |November 14 |7:00pm
Nefarious & Purpose and Devil Piss
reading with Emanuel Xavier and Robert Siek

The poets Emanuel Xavier and Robert Siek will be reading from their new books: Nefarious, Xavier’s latest collection, and Purpose and Devil Piss, Siek’s first full-length collection. Emanuel Xavier is the author of the poetry collections Pier QueenAmericano, and If Jesus Were Gay and Other Poems, and the novel Christ Like. He lives in Brooklyn. Robert Siek’s poems have appeared in journals such as The Columbia Poetry Review, Lodestar Quarterly, Court Green, Mary, and Assaracus. His short story, “Sixteen,” appears in the anthology Userlands and another is forthcoming in the journal Jonathan. He lives in Brooklyn.

Friday | November 15 | 7:00pm
The Democratic Republic of Congo
reading + discussion with Michael Deibert

Join us for an evening with journalist and author Michael Deibert as he discusses his groundbreaking new book The Democratic Republic of Congo –a must-read book for anyone interested in contemporary Africa. Deibert is a journalist, author and Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies at Coventry University. His writing on Latin America and the Caribbean has appeared in Newsday, The Miami Herald, Salon and The Guardian. He is the author of Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti.

Saturday |November 16 |7:00pm
discussion with Joe Putignano—Cirque du Soleil Star, Gifted Athlete, Homeless Drug Addict

Joe will discuss his journey from the US Olympic Training Center to homeless shelters to shooting heroin on the job to being declared dead. He’ll describe how the same energy, obsession, and dedication that can create an Olympic athlete can also create a homeless drug addict. Putignano is a performing artist and contortionist who has toured with Cirque du Soleil, starred in stage productions with the Metropolitan Opera, and competed in the Junior Olympics National Championships.ACROBADDICT is his first book. He lives in NYC.

Sunday |November 17 |4:00pm
Dyke Knitting Circle

Come in and knit, make new friends, drink some tea, and learn a craft at a self-help and member-led group. The Dyke Knitting Circle is open to all levels of queer experience and all levels of knitting proficiency. Bring yarn and needles. Join us any third Sunday of the month!

Sunday |November 17 |7:00pm
Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency
discussion with Kristian Williams

Kristian Williams will discuss the new collection, Life During Wartime, outlining the basics of counterinsurgency and its domestic application. Williams is the author of Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America, and co-editor of Life During Wartime.

Tuesday |November 19 |7:00pm
Anarchists Against the Wall: Resisting the Israeli Occupation On the Ground
discussion with Eran Efrati and Maya Wind

In their talk, Efrati and Wind will share their experiences of joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle for justice and equality. They will discuss direct action and protest in the West Bank and efforts to educate the Israeli public about the occupation. They will also share their experiences of growing up in segregated Jerusalem and of their Zionist and militaristic education. Eran Efrati, served in the Israeli Defense Force in the West Bank. After he was discharged he worked as chief investigator for Breaking the Silence, an Israeli veteran organization working to raise awareness about the reality in the Occupied Territories. Maya Wind, joined the Shministim movement and helped to establish the 2008 refusenik group. She refused to serve in the IDF and was sentenced to military prison and detention. After her release she co-lead the Jerusalem alternative education program of New Profile, the feminist movement for the demilitarization of Israel.

Friday | November 22 | 7:00pm
Strategies of Resistance in Nuyorican and Latina Coming-of-Age Stories
discussion with Jane Heil Usyk

This discussion will deal with a type of coming-of-age story that is more complicated than many: Nuyorican and other Latina women's stories. These books--by Esmeralda Santiago, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Irene Vilar and others--examine the complexity of dealing with two countries and two languages, with women's relational approach to telling stories, and with the stress of dealing with cultural notions of purity and obedience. Jane Heil Usyk has been a freelance writer and editor for many years. She worked on staff at Vogue, Fitness, and New Woman magazines. She taught at New York City colleges for fifteen years. Her stories and poems are currently in “And Then” Magazine and online on “Forum of World Cultures.”

Saturday |November 23 |7:00pm
Fire Year
reading with Jason K. Friedman

Jason K. Friedman reads from his debut collection Fire Year, listed by Publishers Weekly as one of The Big Indie Books of Fall 2013, with intimate, sinuous prose that creates a vivid and moving picture of the trials religious, cultural, and sexual minorities experience in Georgia and the Deep South. Friedman’s work has appeared in Best American Gay Fiction and he won the Karma Foundation-Moment Magazine Short Fiction Prize for “Blue,” the first story in Fire Year. Jason works as a technical writer in San Francisco, where he lives with his husband, filmmaker Jeffrey Friedman, and their dog, Lefty.

Sunday |November 24 |2:30pm
Anarchist Reading Group

The Anarchist Reading Group discusses historical and contemporary texts to promote the study of self-organization and mutual aid in order to help realize a society free of all forms of social domination. This group is a project of Practical Anarchy, which believes that – in the struggle to create a liberatory society from below - everybody is capable of taking direct action to help shape their lives and their communities.

Sunday |November 24 |5:00pm
Food Justice Reading Group

The food justice reading group meets the last Sunday of every month at 5 pm. This group will read and discuss works that look at the ever important role that food plays in our lives and how our global food system impacts the environment, labor and health. This group will also look at ways to take action to change and improve the problems of our current food system.

Tuesday |November 26 |7:00 pm
Women's / Trans' Poetry Jam & Open Mike

Hosted by Vittoria Repetto – the hardest working guinea butch dyke poet on the Lower East Side – the jam has showcased the famous, the infamous, the unknown for over a decade. Come out and deliver (up to) 8 minutes of your poetry, prose, songs and spoken word. for more information.

Check out Bluestockings' Safer Space Policy for guidelines on how to help Bluestockings be a supportive environment during events and at all times.