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Mike's Bermuda Trips to Cayman Island investments not forth coming +CityTime billion dollar scam to supposedly track city workers every move Mike Bloomberg "the off-shore mayor" Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governors Island to Caymans + Steve Rattner.
I wrote this in response to a comment on YouTube.

YouTube above has many links in blog posting exposing Mike Bloomberg. Mike wants to keep track of lower tier city workers with hand prints yet he sneaks out of NY, Friday morning to go to Bermuda. HIs connected consultants for CityTime, 2 who have worked for the City of NY & one I think is still employed at a very high level so that makes two jobs with no time clocks like consultants have no time clock and charge as much as 40,000 a month, one ex-city gov 1million for year
Make sure to read the blog link of mine on CityTime

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mike Bloomberg "Off-Shore Mayor" Brooklyn Bridge Park & Governors Island to Caymen Above link part 1 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development

Monday, May 24, 2010
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development, Part II

Monday, May 24, 2010
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development, Part III

Please take the time to read Michael's expose and for me the way Mike Bloomberg has handled real estate and this ruthless tsunami of community crushing development as reckless and stupid as what brought the implosion of Wall Street is about the mayor wanting to do what he wants unchecked.

Steve Rattner thought he could do what he wanted to do unchecked and he has been busted.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Suzannah Troy calls John Liu, Mike Bloomberg's CityTime is Tax Payers Titanic and most be stopped from being renewed this September

I called John Liu, New York City Comptroller and a thorn in mayor Mike Bloomberg’s side because like me and so many New Yorkers, we opposed Mike Bloomberg denying us, the people of NY a referendum.  This issue divided New York and seriously  alienated the people so it was no surprise Mike Bloomberg barely won.
But that is not why I called and left John Liu a voice mail at City Hall here in New York City this morning at six a.m.

You see CityTime, an Orwellian Time Clock that was suppose to save the City of New York big bucks is in fact a sham and is on it’s way to costing tax payers a billion dollars.
Why would I be writing about this now?
The renewal date for CityTime is September 2010 and CityTime must not be renewed.
In fact CityTime must be investigated.   Why?
How did a program designed to save the city money go from under a hundred million dollar budget run out of control?  Well for some mysterious reason CityTime needs countless consultants averaging close to half a million dollar salaries and at least one was reported to get a million and he happens to also collect a city pension.
Read my blog postings and see also how SAIC, hired to over see CityTime has scandals on a Federal level as well.   I wrote this based on Ali Winston’s piece in City Limits from two years ago and an astounding series by Juan Gonzalez from The New York Daily News.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy w/Peace Keeper Nail Polish and Swedish movie Poster "The Men who hate Women" aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Suzannah B. Troy with "Peace Keeper" nail polish, a company that a supports women and human rights with her Swedish Poster "The Men Who Hate Women" aka "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson

Friday, May 21, 2010

Karen from Love Saves the Day enjoying the beautiful day St. Marks Place

There are police barricades set up for the dance parade that happens every year -- I think that it is why...

Karen is smiling and enjoying the day as she sells her treasures from a dollar on up....

Bloomberg's Goat my SING + Stieg Larsson's 4th book

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giuseppi Logan on radio tomorrow, birthday May 22 & 1st installment of video documentary with text by Dan Orth

For Giuseppi Logan fans -- He will be on the radio tomorrow WFMU 11am jersey city NJ tomorrow and his birthday is May 22! Below is & 1st installment of video documentary with text by Dan Orthh Guiseppi And Jay Logan Reunited After 40 Years. Suzannah Troy is a New York City multi-media artist and journalist.She has played a very big part in breaking the news to the local, national,and international media about the discovery of jazz legend Guiseppi Logan being alive and well.Suzannah was walking throughTompkins Square Park in East Greenwich Village in New York City one day in 2007. She encountered an older black gentleman playing a saxophone. His playing was very passionate,breath-taking,and captivating. Suzannah was mesmerized and swept off her feet by the heavenly sounds coming out of his saxophone. When he stopped playing, Suzannah engaged him in conversation.This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship,and a big chapter in the Guiseppi Logan Story. Two famous musicians,an 80 year-old father and his 47 year-old son, were reunited in New York City,New York on April 13, 2010 after having not seen one another for 40 years.Guiseppi is a multi-instrumentalist who is a genuine living legend of the jazz world.During the 1960's Guiseppi performed with jazz heavy-weights Thelonious Monk,John Coltrane,Charlie Mingus,Pharoah Saunders,Dizzy Gillepsie,Miles Davis,Sun Ra,Milford Graves,etc.He also recorded with some of them.Guiseppi was missing-in-action for close to 30 years.Many people thought he was dead.The American and International jazz world was electrified by the news that Guiseppi Logan was discovered playing alto-saxophone in Tompkins Square Park in Greenwich Village,New York City,New York in 2007! Signals To Noise,Spring Issue 2009, a music magazine, did a lengthy photo filled story on Guiseppi's very distinguished career as a jazz musician. Jay Logan has been a working musician since he was a teenager when he played and toured in his first bands.He has supported himself and his family his entire life as a professional musician.Jay's favorite musical genre is main- stream-pop,but he can very easily diversify into jazz. Jay has had an outstanding career as a performing and studio musician,songwriter,arranger,producer,recording artist,musical director,etc.He is very much sought-after by other musicians,producers,and people in the music business. Jay was born and raised in New York City.He and his mother Dorothy moved to Oakland,California in 1970 when she and Guiseppi seperated.Guiseppi was adamant about his son becoming a musician.Guiseppi was a very strict musician father.Guiseppi gave Jay his first music lessons from ages 1-7.Jay played the piano,some other instruments,and learned musical scales.Those very early childhood lessons and all that practicing sure did pay off for Jay! Stay tuned. Written By Dan Orth Video by Bobby Paulino

p.s. Folks here is my playlist YouTube documentary series that started it all and became a YouTube miracle

NYC Gov Street Conditions Observation Mini Car a big waste of tax payer money Remember I called the press and asked them to come and luckily NY1 and Channel 11 showed up. This was 3 years ago and the intersection is still a mess on both sides as is most of the area.
The intersection has never healed and a NYC City Gov mini car is parking right in front of a crater in one corner of where this medium size water main break took place one block from where Cooper Union was building it "new hideous ugly" Studio building and my opinion Cooper Union's construction was too much for "old" New York's infrastructure. I could not find the city employee that parked the car right by this infamous intersection and one store closed right after the water main break because of it. I spoke to a guy working at the church to share my frustration at this car being parked here on no city gov worker to actually do the job of inspecting street conditions.  He shared my feeling and remembered the water main break well.
            Your tax payer money wasted and doing nothing - parked in front of a crater East Village. Here is the back of the mini-car parked right by this on going disaster of an intersection where thankfully no one has tripped and broken their ankle or their neck and why can't the city fix this problem and ditto for St. Marks Place between 1st and 2nd where the street continues to re-open again like a wound...   Did my YouTube series finally get the city to resolve a street that kept breaking open for aprox. 5 years and is it really fixed finally?  Watch the YouTube series...

A few blocks down by the 9th Precinct on 5th Street looking West I asked a guy working are you here working on "street conditions" and he said no, he is here working on a gas line as an outside contractor for Con Ed.
This mini-car with a custom paint job that says Street Conditions Observation Unit is parked right at this very intersection which has a medium size water main break and now remains a wound that won't heal. How many infrastructure related breaks has the East Village Lower East Side done to and including Chinatown had since Mike Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development.....? Way too many.... How can you push development without addressing infrastructure first? Easily if you are Mike Bloomberg.

Here I talk about Cooper Union in my opinion endangering our community because of infrastructure concerns  and since I made this YouTube the build has been put on hold for 2 years.  Cooper Union renting to their little yellow Science right now to NY Film Academy but their goal is tearing down the building,  supersizing and leasing for 99 years.  Even Guiliani's city planner said no -- this is a shell game but Amanda the socialite mega millionaire city planner the people's Burden of course gave it and every zone buster the green light which is why are streets look like this and we have so many infrastructure breaks.

Demand a Hospital new blog to help the West Village

Yetta Kurland - Hands Around St. Vincent's Action, Saturday May 29th 2 PM

Dear Neighbor,

20 days now our community has been without a hospital, without a plan to ensure public health and safety for lower Manhattan and without an explanation for why our hospital collapsed in a matter of days in breach of the law and without so much as an investigation, or public hearing.

It is a testament to your voice, your persistence and your unyielding message that our elected officials are coming together on Friday May 21st at 5pm at Our Lady of Pompeii Church (25 Carmine Street at Bleecker) with a group of health care professionals to discuss "How Can We Get Back A Hospital For Our Community".  This is the first time this has happened since the illegal vote to close St. Vincent's Hospital on April 6th.

While this is an opportunity for us, we must show up and make clear that our community needs a hospital at the St. Vincent's site.  And though there are many possible ways to do this, there is no question that this can and must be done.  Moving the hospital to some remote location or waiting until it is part of some future real estate speculation will not solve the urgent medical crisis that exists today because St. Vincent's Hospital was allowed to collapse without an appropriate back up plan.  The leaders and experts who will be at the Friday meeting have the power and ability to make this happen, and we must convince them to do so.

A hospital will bring more revenue to New York City, it will make our community safe and it is the only way to ensure public health and safety for the lower west side of Manhattan.  The most efficient way to do this is to adaptively reuse the current infrastructure of St. Vincent's with proper and fiscally responsible oversight.  We must ensure the hospital comports with the look and feel of our community, is not determined by real estate interests but by our needs, and offers services for all of our community.  We must call for a use lock to be placed on the property by City Council to ensure the only use for St. Vincent's is a hospital.  This will stop the real estate forces from using the bankruptcy procedure to grab the site for luxury housing development.

And time is precious.  As each day goes by I hear more stories of disorganization, and lack of medical services from my neighbors.  Each time one of us needs emergent medical service we realize how serious this issue is, and every day or week that goes by the bankruptcy court allows another piece of St. Vincent's property to go on the bidding block.  If they can shut a hospital down in 21 days, they can open one with just as much speed.

If you are able, I hope that you will join me in showing our strength and making clear our message this Friday.  We rely on our elected officials to put our interests first, to stand up to real estate interests, privatized health care interests and to corporate malfeasance.  We believe that where there is a will there is a way and we must demand our leaders understand our will and find a way.

Also SAVE THE DATE - Hands Around St. Vincent's Action, Saturday May 29th at 2pm.

In solidarity,

New Blog -- demand a hospital and my moving photos of St. Vincent's with people's messages are linked to it. al.html

Monday, May 17, 2010

ARS NOVA Worshop Giuseppi Logan

And my work and contribution is acknowledge which means a lot.

Suzannah B. Troy thanked by Mom of Giuseppi Logan's grandaughter!

Giuseppi Logan playing Begin the Beguine NYC jazz musician composer Tompkin Square Park:
Suzannah, I don't know you. But I love you. Majal Logan, his grandaughter, is my daughter. This means so much to her and the family. God Bless you always.
You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grateful Dead The NY Historical Society - Suzannah B. Troy

The NY Historical Society is being renovated so only one small section is actually open and it is filled with Grateful Dead treasures! This collection of powerful photos and memorabilia are on loan from The Grateful Dead Archive on loan from the University of Santa Cruz.  
The first blown up image you see is of The Filmore East on the Lower East Side and there are powerful photos of the Filmore with mobs of people lined up to see the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. I remember reading Janis would go to Ratner's after and Ratner's moved yet again and than finally closed as so much has these days.
There is of course poster art and all kinds of collectibles and Grateful Dead music plays through out this small exhibition. I do want to warn you the price to get in is 12 dollars I think. You may want to double check me on that and the gift shop is filled to the brim with Grateful Dead items. I bought an amazing pair of GD earrings!
“I am incredibly happy that the kind archivists at UC Santa Cruz understand the social value of our priceless archive and its hallowed meaning to our most beloved 'Dead Heads.' Without the care it is now receiving these treasures would be lost. Please join me in preserving the legacy so we can all continue to explore and experience what the "Grateful Dead" means to us.”  - Bill Kreutzmann
You can contribute your thoughts Note:  For Suzannah B. Troy fans, my jacket with patches and pin from Rescue Workers and fellow volunteers was on display at The New York Historical Society and is now downtown in the Sept. 11 Museum collection.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oliver Stone Wall Street 2 Oscar Buzz -- Yes already!

Okay, I want to be the first to say "Oscars"!  There I said it.  Wall Street 2 will  be nominated for plenty of golden statues but will Oliver Stone clean up?   I am not selling him "short" or anything but will this film be on the level of Platoon and Wall Street?

I answer all these questions in my YouTube where I share just a few memories of working on the film Wall Street.   I had the lowest non-union job possible after I got, ehem, promoted, yes, that's right;  I was promoted from one of the only women parking production assistants  to craft services.   Not  really promotion by the way and I had to feed a big crew and lots of extras.  I share my first conversation with Oliver Stone which was unforgettable, hilarious and proof I can give as good as I get if not better.

Oliver returned to NYC to film part 2 and I past the set and inquired after him.  They told me he was huddled in a hotel with bodyguards.  Yikes!   The controversial movie director has his fans and also his haters.  I am not a fan of his politics but Platoon was deeply moving and I saw it on my day off while working on Wall Street (1).   At one point we were working 6 days a week because as I recall they were afraid there was going to be a writer's strike or something.

I tell you about Charlie Sheen and a very sad memory for me now looking back having to run to the World Trade Center to pick up something for Charlie and I did not want to go on the errand.  It is really heart breaking for me to look back now and talk about that the WTC which by the way was a symbol for "World Trade" whether you are pro or con but it is now an open wound still not near healing or near completion.   Sept. 11 was mass murder and mass destruction so it gives one perspective so let us switch to happy Hollywood thoughts french style....

Bravo for all the fanfare at Cannes Film Festival with uber glamour and the exciting opening of Wall Street 2.  I can't get any reports on whether the film was well received or not.  I have a unique take on the film and whether it will do well that may or may not surprise you and I hit on the news two days ago when President Obama was snubbed here in NYC at a mega-bucks fund democratic fund raiser by Wall Street including Goldman Sachs.  Hear why I think this and other factors will effect Wall Street 2 at the box office.  Watch my YouTube!

Zennie Abraham's blog Zennie 62 gets added to TMZ blog roll

I am one of the artist writer so I am happy for Zennie and honored to be part of Zennie62!

TMZ is a Harry Levin production.   Harry Levin is a lawyer turned TV producer and a smart guy.

He sets up the show with him and a team of younger folk that give their thoughts and insights in to the celebrity world.  TMZ is usually the top scooper breaking the news so all the major papers depend on TMZ and their videos for information.

Google Apologizing again

Yikes! Google eavesdropping?  This is not a new revelation after all on the tv show that gave us an inside look in to Google,  doesn't one employee brags that what people ask Google search engine is more intimate than what they might share with a priest?
Here is my YouTube when I find out my YouTubes that were all wrongly banned from YouTubeland were returned to me.   So many activists, friends, film makers wrote Google and of course Norman Siegel, famed civil rights law represented me and I got a written apology from Google which of course meant a lot.

I also interviewed Clayton Patterson on all my work being banned because when my work was removed from YouTube it meant every website around the world that had my YouTubes posted had my work pulled off of their websites as well.   Clayton Patterson was a head of his game in his evaluation of Google and their power including suggesting the impact if some billionaire came in and purchased a big chunk of and listen.  In the TV show on Google these kinds of concerns were discussed

Read my article "Banned from YouTubeland, how I got my work back and an apology from Google"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bernard Stollman interviewed by Jaee Logan -- Suzannah B. Troy

I helped Jaee Logan to find his Dad Giuseppi Logan through my 21 part YouTube documentary series. When we spoke I told Jaee you need to make a documentary, a Hollywood film and I even see him writing a book. He flew in from CA to start filming with his friend and fellow musician Bobby who did the filming here. Here is an amazing interview with Bernard Stollman. I feel like Jaee took over where I couldn't really go. My YouTubes tend to be in the park where I first filmed Giuseppi Logan and started changing lives through the miracle of YouTube posting. If you go to this YouTube link you can find more of the series filmed by Jaee Logan and his friend Bobby.   This clip ends with asking Bernard Stollman about the East Village and about Malcom X who Jaee shares a birthday with.  Giuseppi Logan's birthday is also coming up. I will be bringing postings of all the YouTube series on Jaee Logan being reunited with his Dad after 40 years.  What is really exciting is this interview with Bernard Stollman and what he has to say about how he came to found ESP record labels and find musical talent.  Also why Bernard Stollman felt compelled to document artists. As an artist I can' express how important that is.  Stay tuned...I will be bringing you a series of YouTubes and writing by Dan Orth and for jazz lovers you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Christine Quinn has backing of Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund -- do they not know about Quinn's less than ethical dealings including denying the people a

Dear friends -- gay and straight:

This is frightening.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a nationwide group that helps elect gay candidates to public office, is already campaigning for Christine Quinn for Mayor of NYC in 2013 (see below).    In the months leading up to the election, the Victory Fund will assuredly rally gay people around the country to support her campaign.  The fact that Quinn has betrayed the gay community time and again when it suits her politically; has one of the worst human rights voting records at City Hall; and has been exposed for budget and campaign corruption on multiple occasions does not appear to be of interest to the Victory Fund.

This support of the VIctory Fund, coupled with the fact that Quinn already has a staff of people campaigning for her (compliments of NYC taxpayers), means that we now have to resume our efforts to educate the public about why she should be voted out of office.   

Soon, we will hit the streets again, protesting at her speaking engagements and educating the public (as in the pictures below).    During the last election, this campaign was quite effective, we think.   As you may recall, Quinn was supposed to be re-elected to her City Council seat by a landslide (in her gay district), but she barely won a majority.  After the election, Crain's reported that, "Insiders have largely written off Council Speaker Christine Quinn (for 2013 Mayor), who was damaged by the council's slush fund scandal and extension of term limits, and struggled to win re-election."   But we can't rest of our laurels...

Until our street campaign starts up again, please use any opportunity to educate your friends, co-workers and strangers about why Quinn must go:

And please pass this email along to people who might want to join us.


Donny Moss

Also folks please watch my YouTube series of NYU and The Villager in what appears to be corrupt dealings with the community on behalf of Christine Quinn who they both wanted in office.  The Villager does some feel good stories but they endorsed Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn?  Does anyone know how John Sutter has so much money he can have so many newspapers that he gives away free and please don't tell me advertising.

Also note The Villager's sister paper Chelsea Now removed a link with me speaking at  a City Council Task force meeting on DOB and guess who did not show up? Christine Quinn.  The newspaper made it go away before the very close election where both Quinn and Bloomberg barely won.  If Derr had backed out Yetta Kurland would mostly like be representing the district instead of Christine Quinn.

What do Christine Quinn- City Council and Goldman Sachs have in common? Sullivan Cromwell
What do Goldman Sachs and Christine Quinn -- City Council have in common? Sullivan and Cromwell and high priced lawyers that specialize in white collar crime. The fact Christine Quinn went out and hired Sullivan and Cromwell along with other top dog lawyers that specialize in white collar crime is old news and we would all love to know what is the actually cost to tax payers as of today, this very moment? I have asked The New York Post and The New York Daily News to run a ticker tape of the costs to tax payers by City Council and hey throw in Albany but for now Bill DeBlasio is trying to get City Council to be transparent and post spending on the city government website. For now it has not happened and my new YouTube that is a must see on corruption, NYC politics, Wall Street, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and the fact that little old city council at Christine Quinn’s lead have hired the very same law firm, Sullivan Cromwell as Goldman Sachs one of the most powerful financial brokers and wheelers and dealers but at the tax payers expense. I want Christine Quinn to list each city council and staff member and the price to date of how much their high priced white collar crime defense attorneys cost. Christine Quinn is hugely despised here in NYC for flushing democracy down the toilet aiding and abetting Mike Bloomberg who was urged on by Steve Rattner as mentioned in the awful puff piece book by Joyce Purnick to run or you could use the term steal a third term. Now meetings are in play to discuss a referendum so the voters can vote on if we want city politicians to have a third term since Mike Bloomberg and gang cunningly worked out away to deny us a referendum. This will forever taint Mike Bloomberg’s legacy and their is more to come. Stay tuned. FYI: Last night President Obama was snubbed by top Wall Street firms at a high priced fund raiser where some pay as much as $50,000 to attend and among the missing was Goldman Sachs which shows you have powerful the Wall Street firms are and how much they don’t want any rules or limits set in play. Wall Street has a script of how brilliant and generous they are to us mere mortals and they don’t want to be forced off script. Wall Street wants to rule from The White House to Wall Street.

What do Christine Quinn- City Council and Goldman Sachs have in common? Sullivan Cromwell
Go to the text portion for just a few links....

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2 teens murdered in the Bronx on Mother's Day welcome to Misogynist NYC

Welcome to Misogynist NYC as my supporters know all to well but this is the worst kind of tragedy.

NYPD - Official New York City Police Department Web Site

Call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477); Text "TIP577" (plus your message) to "CRIMES" ( 274637); Submit Internet Tips · rss Subscribe to NYPD Most Wanted RSS ... - 

Jim Morrison Lena Horne Lawrence Taylor - Suzannah B. Troy

I just made a new YouTube and I touch on many different topics including Jim Morrison, Lena Horne, Lawrence Taylor and his victim actually wishing him well and briefly on NYC politics.  I will post my YouTube at the bottom of this piece.  Here goes.... For Jim Morrison fans, Tom DiCillio's "When You're Strange" will be free to watch on PBS tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9:00PM.  In response to my YouTube about Tom coming to talk to the audience after a screening at Angelika's on Houston St. in NYC,  I have had people from all over the world write me including in Spanish asking me how they can see Tom's new film with never before seen footage of a young Jim Morrison which are out takes from his film "HWY".   Now I can tell you the film is on TV tomorrow night! Please remember if you do get to tune in that Jim's girlfriend's mom has creative control because she had footage Tom needed so that effects the telling of part of the story...anyway for Jim Morrison fans this will be quite a pleasure.   The audience was jam packed to the brim with Jim Morrison fan's and they loved the film and thanked Tom/  They also did not like Oliver Stone's version "The Doors" at all and either did Pam's mom. On to the icon, great beauty, chanteuse, actress and Civil Rights activist Lena Horne.  I found this quote actually in the editorial section of The New York Post by Quincy Jones today and I had to post it.  I discuss her as well in my new Youtube. "Lena Horne was a pioneering groundbreaker, making inroads into a world that had never before been explored by African-American women, and she did it on her own terms. Our nation and the world has lost one of the great artistic icons of the 20th century." — Composer/arranger Quincy Jones on the death Sunday of the legendary singer and actress at the age of 92 Next, Lawrence Taylor and a NY Daily News article today that gets in to the gory details including that yes indeed LT had sex with her, the lights were down low so you didn't recognize him.  She had been beaten by her pimp and just wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.  There was a concern about the condom coming off on her part and he said don't worry, he is shooting blanks.  Bottom line is she said the room was dark so maybe he did not see she had been beaten, who knows but she is a huge Giant fan and wishes him well.  She does want the pimp to go to jail for a long time.  Click on the link to read more.  For all those asking what was he doing and why did he ask for a professional sex worker.  I don't know. I did watch an interview and his wife said if in fact he did cheat on her, he is in trouble.  Clearly she is not going to grab a golf club.  She sound calm and reasonable.   Why?  I guess it is uncomplicated in a guy's mind to have sex, pay and leave.  No relationships or drama but LT's case who knows what the collateral damage will be besides jail time, losing sponsors...etc.  I can't imagine. The real victim who is underage so we her name is never mentioned is trying to break free of this and get her life straight.  She wants to get her GED and become a pediatrician.   I found an amazing article on  an ex-child prostitute who got her law degree and now is an activist fighting to get kids off the streets and break free.

Giuseppi Logan Jaee Logan reunion Part 2

Bobby Paulino keeps sending me edited pieces of the documentary I suggested Jaee Logan make when we were first connected by his friend David who was following my YouTube documentary of his Dad. I also suggested a Hollywood film like The Soloist and that Jaee could set up a charity to help musicians and artists like his Dad as was down with Nathianl Ayers, the subject of the book and film.  I suggested to Jaee that he starting writing in a journal in preparation for a book as well.  Here is my YouTube series starting with the first video of Giuseppi Logan playing on a freezing cold day to an empty park and a 20 part series still on going that brought a reunion of Father and Son.  Pete Gershon, publisher of Signal to Noise wrote a powerful piece which also honors and acknowledges my work on Giuseppi Logan called "Out from the Shadow".  I believe because of Peter's powerful writing and my YouTube discovering Giuseppi Logan which rocked the jazz world this led to Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square Park records to get him in the studio and make a new album mostly with original work.Giuseppi Logan Quintet (Dig)  The new CD, Giuseppi Logan's first since the 1960's is a successful and was received with very strong powerful reviews.  There were some in the music world that thought Josh Rosenthal was wasting his time and that GL was shot but Rosenthal proved them wrong. You should know that Giuseppi was married before he met Jaee's Mom and had many children.  There were problems and maybe it was undiagnosed mental illness.  I do not know.  He said she had him arrested and put in mental institutions.  Jaee has a different take on this saying she did not support his music and wanted him to have a 9-5 job which was a killer for him.  Music was and is his life line. He was divorced and re-married a woman who understood his love for music and came to New York City were he could pursue fame and fortune.  As you here him say.  He found fame but not fortune.  It is very sad and upsetting but I don't think he got much for those two successful records.  As we filmed a man stopped which was caught on camera and said Giuseppi Logan, you records got me through college.  He shook Giuseppi's hand. Giuseppi Logan studied at The New England Conservatory and when GL self destructed Jaee's Mom took Jaee to California.  Jaee was an honor student and he went to college studying music as well. You will hear Father and Son discuss Giuseppi Logan playing with all the famous musicians including Coltrane and Jaee as a little boy played with their kids.  Giuseppi played with Coltrane, Mingus, Sun Ra and more Jazz greats as he contributed his own unique compositions to what is called the free jazz movement.

Dan Orth, Jaee's partner wrote me this...and I have made corrections...
It is John Coltrane not Charlie.Charlie Mingus,the late,very famous Miles
Davis,Thelonious Monk,and Milford Graves are more jazz greats who worked with
Guiseppi.Milford Graves,the legendary drummer,is alive and well at age 68.I have
his interview in Jazz Inside,Volume 8,Number 4,Winter 2010.He mentions
Guiseppi Logan twice in his very lenghty interview.Guiseppi told me in New York
city the fact that Guiseppi is not his born,legal name.Somebody in the jazz
world told Guiseppi in the 1960"s that he should change his first name.
                                                                                        Dan Orth

Thanks Dan -- I work very hard and I am often very tired so thank again for your help.

Matt Lavelle join forces with Giuseppi Logan when Logan came in to buy a reed.  Matt kept getting Giuseppi Logan gigs and formed a ban.  This was a life saver for Giuseppi because music is is life force and it also lead to him making money.  Josh Rosenthal even gave Lavelle producer credit on the new CD, The Giuseppi Logan Quintet which includes Francios Grillot, Warren Smith and David Burrell In my series Giuseppi thanks the people of New York.  He tells me he found out from his friend using the computer that people thought he was dead.  He got a little money and took a bus to NYC where people gave him help.  He found shelter although I had heard reports at times he was homeless and people gave him clothing and instruments.  An amazing Salvation Army Angel got him a small room close to Tompkins which is his life line.  He told me people here in NY gave him instruments.  The Jazz Foundation has also been helping him and gave him an instruments, a bass clarinet and flute but the flute is not playing right. I call Giuseppi Logan this morning.  I started very early and he picks up at 7am.  Giuseppi I have great news.  I just got confirmation you son is coming back this month.  I believe for your birthday on May 22.  Giuseppi hadn't heard from Jaee and he was worried he may not return.  He is returning Giuseppi. I asked GL who else he played with and here are a few more names. Giuseppi  played with so many people and here are so morewith Roland Kirk ,  Eddie Gomez, Eric Dolphy  and even  Dizzy Gillespie!  

I had to leave to go to a meeting but before I did I suggested Jaee and Giuseppi walk over to where Charlie Parker lives.  I couldn't go with them. I wish I could have.  Enjoy the 2nd part in a series Jaee Logan is putting together and a sad reminder Jaee lost his only son to gun violence and he has an organization set up with the goal to stop the violence. Giuseppi has some gigs coming up.  Here is the first in at least 3 that are booked ...IPR in Brooklyn 10pm 5/14 Brecht forum 9pm 5/16 9pm He is also going to be on a jazz radio show in Newark the day before his birthday...I have a lot going on so you have to contact Matt Lavelle for more info.  You can join his facebook page, myspace or email him Again I have to say I am so honored and proud to be part of this YouTube miracle and helped Giuseppi out from the shadow as Pete Gerhshon describes it and even writing this was work. I am tired.  Thanks to Tim Madison for pushing me to keep filming.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The New York Botanical Garden Emily Dickinson

Giuseppi Logan Jaee Logan reunion - healing broken family trees YouTube Miracle Suzannah B. Troy

As any of the good people following my blogs and YouTubes know I discovered Giuseppi Logan playing "Begin the Beguine" 2 years ago on a freezing cold day and I knew I captured something amazing. I ran home and I followed GL's instructions to research him on the internet. I immediately found a YouTube posted on ESP channel of a British film maker's showing Giuseppi Logan in the very same park, Tompkins Square Park in the East Village but from 1966. Giuseppi's son Jaee happily plays in the park with little girls as Giuseppi's original composition plays in the background. Peter Gershon, the publisher of "Signal to Noise" wrote a powerful piece on Giuseppi Logan "Out from the Shadow" and I was deeply moved by what Pete wrote about my contribution and my work in this exciting discovery... Giuseppi Logan was in fact a live. He had made 2 successful records in the 1960's before he vanished. Where did he vanish to? His demons got the better of him. More on that later. I have a poem in the park..."miss you, miss people, neighborhood, trees, NYC idiosyncrcasies" at the base of the fountain with the word "Hope" you will see in the video I am posting that was sent to me. Giuseppi Logan was standing just a foot away from my poem with the words "Hope" above my poem like a shining light. Who would know I would stand next to Jaee Logan 2 years later and Jaee will be talking to us about broken family trees...not only had Jaee Logan lost his Father but he has lost his only son to random gun violence. His son Jaee was shot 3 times in the back of the head. What you will see is Giuseppi Logan and his son Jaee reunited after 40 years thanks to my YouTubes. When Giuseppi self destructed Jaee's Mom took him to the west coast which is his home base. He has his Dad's musical gifts and the first time I conferenced called them as we talked -- Giuseppi would play music and it spoke to Jaee in a way I could not through is music. I was deeply moved. I have had to deal with the dark side of YouTube and blogger owned by Google and I have had to turn to the NYPD and lawyers but this is the best side of YouTube and Google. I call this a YouTube miracle and I am so honored to be part of it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Save Coney Island stop the demolition of historic buildings!

Save Coney Island Header
Stop the Demolition of Historic Coney Island!
Save Coney Island
Dear Save Coney Island supporter,Henderson Timeline
Last week, Thor Equities announced that it would immediately begin demolishing the historic buildings that it owns along Surf Avenue in the amusement district. This could mean the end of historic Coney Island. The threatened structuresinclude the Grashorn Building (built in the 1880s), the Henderson Music Hall (built circa 1900), the Shore Hotel (built circa 1903), and the Bank of Coney Island (built circa 1923).

These buildings have great historical and cultural significance: They provide a link to the period of Coney Island's emergence as the world's greatest amusement area. They also offer tremendous potential to provide a unique Coney Island experience if they are restored and reused.

Don't let Thor to destroy Coney Island's history and ruin the amusement area for future generations.

Save Coney Island, working with other groups such as Coney Island USA, is applying to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) for the creation of a historic district that would preserve these and other buildings from Coney Island's heyday. These buildings should serve as a historic core around which to develop a new and exciting 21st-century Coney Island.

Thor's mad rush to begin demolition is a clear attempt to get rid of these buildings before the LPC can even evaluate the merits of a Coney Island Historic District.  

Rather than find ways to contribute to the success of summer 2010 in Coney Island, Thor would turn the district's commercial heart into a vast demolition zone. In the place of these historic buildings, Thor says it plans to build a collection of retail structures by the summer of 2011. The New York Observer described its plans for the sites as "simple - presumably cheap - (temporary) one-story retail."  It went on to characterize Thor's renderings as "almost designed to inspire distaste."
(See Thor's "2011" rendering to the right.)

Thor is threatening to forever dash the possibility of a revitalized historic core for Coney Island's amusement district. We are putting together a campaign to prevent that from happening, and we need your help.

Here's what you can do:

1) CALL:
Coney Island's City Council member, Domenic Recchia (718-373-9673),
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz (718-802-3700),
The Landmarks Preservation Commission (212-669-7817),
and tell them:
· Preserving and reusing Coney Island's historic buildings is essential to its successful redevelopment.

· A historic district should be created to maintain a connection to Coney Island's heyday.

· Stop Thor's plans to demolish Coney Island's historic buildings.

· They need to act now, before it's too late.

We are working to raise public awareness about this urgent threat to Coney Island's remaining historical structures and to promote the creation of a historic district in a renewed Coney Island amusement area. We have designed printed materials to distribute for this campaign but we need funds to print them. Please help our efforts by making a donation.
Make a Donation

3) ACT
We will be organizing a public event on this issue soon. We would like you to attend. Please stay tuned for further details. We need you to make your voice heard.


Thank you for your quick action on this important issue!!

Save Coney Island

Save Coney Island
237 Flatbush Avenue #248
Brooklyn, New York 11217