Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum Project Title: LES Exposed (p.s. Suzannah B. Troy’s portrait of Mike Bloomberg is in it so be there!)

Project Manager, Festival of Ideas for a New City
235 Bowery
NY, NY 10002

Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum
Project Title: LES Exposed
Day and Time: May 7 & 8, 12:00pm-12:00am
Address: 161 Essex St, btwn E Houston & Stanton Sts
Topic: Storytelling & Local History, Art & Design
Format: Exhibition, Lecture/Discussion, Screening
An exhibition of long-time artists:  Anne Apparu, Nico Dios, Cheryl Dunn, Charles Gatewood, Kevin Harris, Troy Harris, Steven Hirsch, Curt Hoppe, LA II, Leslie Lowe, Pete Missing, Angel Orensanz, Jerry Pagane, Clayton Patterson, Elsa Rensaa, Q. Sakamaki, Shell Sheddy, Suzannah B. Troy.
Screenings: Captured, directed by Ben Solomon, Dan Levin, edited Jenner Furst & Dirty Old Town, directed Jenner Furst and  Dan Levin.

To my blog followers:   The portrait started out like this...than I added a red background and turned it in to a political poster lampooning Mike but by election night it turned in to ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray”  with Mike looking like a space alien turned burn victim.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent a record amount for an underwhelming win art response Suzannah B

Mayor Mike Bloomberg the portrait why the press did not want you to see this art

King mayor Mike bloomberg portrait yellow phase, rewind confronting Bloomberg John Gambling 

This was a very beautiful yellow phase and I talk about how people saw Munchs The Scream the hands holding Mike’s head but that was not intentional.

King mayor Mike Bloomberg, painting in process by Suzannah B. Troy , no to a third

The first time you see the painting....the beginning stage before I make in to a portrait!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Google Blogger Censors NY Political Blogger Gary Tilzer True News From Change Tilzer blog removed over night!

Dear Readers:  Write immediately and demand they return Gary Tilzer’s powerful and truthful work!   Thank you, Suzannah B. Troy
If you would like to email Gary Tilzer a copy of your letter to

Dear Norman:

Gary's powerful work  telling the truth about special interest groups and corruption by some of the most powerful rich players on the NY scene  just vanished courtesy of Blogger  Google and we believe his 1st Amendment rights have been violated.

If his blog is not returned by Monday morning would you write a letter like you did for me to Google when my YouTube channel was removed a month and half before the mayoral election.

Press at Google -- Please be confident starting Monday a massive email barrage will hit Google like Bloomberg's Blizzard to 2010.  We will be posting a request all readers write you on the top of our blogger
If this wrong is not righted people will leave Google products like YouTube and Blogger.

Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Gary Tilzer made this YouTube  with Doug Bivano when he was running for NY State Assembly and the YouTube starts in front of John Peter  Zenger’s unmarked grave Trinty Church .  NBC reception/security after consulting with NBC lawyer asked YouTube to remove this YouTube and it was banned.  What you are seeing is the 2nd version minus a few seconds that showed the security guards face.  Zenger Tilzer calls Zenger the Father of Modern Journalism.  Zenger was thrown in jail here in NY for telling the truth that the British Governor’s administration was corrupt  and Gary Zenger just had his blog removed as I had all my YouTubes removed a month and half before the mayoral election for telling the truth.   May 4, 2009
I said don’t believe the press, Mike Bloomberg may not win the election due to voter anger!
Suzannah B. Troy and Gary Tilzer Banned in the 21st Century for telling the truth.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy The Morgan Library!

I don’t have kids -- at least yet (and I am pushing the big 50 in a year and a 1/4!) so I took my favorite teenager to the Morgan.   We looked at the various portraits of Shakespeare and front and center is the one of him as a young man with the Latin “Principum Amictias” which I took and used to lampoon Mike Bloomberg in my art poster protesting his third term!

She had never been to the Morgan before so I showed her J. P. Morgan’s library.  I asked the guard to tell her about the hidden passage ways in the book shelved walls!  The ceilings alone in the central library room are breath taking with mythological imagery and astrological symbology as well.

I showed her letters hand written by George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson as well as a mask of George Washington’s face.  We looked at the back and say the artist’s signature.   They have copies of the mask of George Washington face for sale in the book store but I don’t think they sell many!

We looked at the exhibitions of journals of Albert Einstein which my young friend found fascinating as well as John Steinbeck, Tennessee Williams, Nathaniel Hawthorne and there were many more including an art pad showing Bob Dylan’s artistry.

It was so wonderful to see a teenager’s eyes open with excitement and enthusiasm.    Great fun!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

For Church Lovers Visiting NY or anyone who wants to see a Crime Scene by USPS and NYU Visit St. Ann's "Murder" 120 East 12th Street

Mitchell Moss had a vile letter defending Mike Bloomberg and in fact praising him for zone busting and a big lie about preserving our neighborhoods.  Visit the crime scene of just one "architectural" murder by NYU.  Next stop Poe House in the West Village.  NYU who Mitchell Moss has torn down so many of our historic buildings it would take weeks to see it all.

When I saw his sickening letter published in The New York Post today in response I immediately Googled his name.   See the above link.  Did Mitchell Moss feel he did not have to reveal his special relationship with the Rudin Family and NYU -- to real estate magnate forces in New York

We call NYU the evil empire because of corrupt ruthless community crushing development.

Than a source emailed me he is sure Mitchell Moss worked on Bloomberg's campaign.

Did Moss so eager to refute Fred Siegel's piece that shows the emperor Mike Bloomberg was wearing no clothes and we had all been suckered -- decide not to share this with The NY Post?

Reminder John Sexton, the president of NYU ran down to testify that Mike must have a 3rd term even if that meant flushing democracy down the toilet because there was no way Bill Thompson would have let NYU continue on with shady corrupt and even illegal zone busting builds like 120 East 12th St.  Walk by and see the facade from St. Ann's 1847 and know the USPS and NYU broke the law not notifying the State of NY of the air sale so the State of NY could decide is this in the best interest of the community.

Mitchell Moss's letter  in my opinion exposes the "height" of corruption not only in his praise of dangerous and even illegal zone busting but in the fact he can't even put that he is on the payroll of his benefactors the Rudins and NYU as well as worked to illegally push through Mike for a fourth term! Oops did I say Fourth Term?  Well is corrupt Christine Quinn gets in than Mike will have had his fourth term from the golf course !    He doesn't refute the statement that Siegel made about Mike Bloomberg actually spending 150 million dollars to "win" his third term!

The NY Post publishes letter by man that works for developers The Rudin Family. Look up Christine Quinn councilpedia and see Quinn developer donations for mayoral run.

I was told this man who praises zone busting also works for NYU and worked on Bloomberg's campaign!

The zone busting has crushed our community with NYU and Cooper Union among the abusers? Will all the zone busting survive an earthquake!

Did NY Post editors have an obligation to write Rudin Foundation and his work on Bloomberg's campaign?

Did he not reveal this to The New Yorj Post?

Hey Mitchell Moss!  NYU and the USPS don't want to  the State of New York to open an investigation in to this air sale!
Folks - see the facade from 1847 like an Albatross around NYU, the evil empire the purple reign of terror's neck!
NYU mega-dormed the East Village to death and is responsible for mass displacement as well as the tear down of historic New York!

Take a look at just one illegal zone busting build Mitchell Moss praises in his letter to The New York Post defending Mike Bloomberg!

Christine Quinn is a sell-out to developers that must never ever be allowed to be mayor.
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Rakiem Walker, Suzannah B. Troy's YouTube on him featured on Street Sax USA!

YouTube link for the above...below a political one of mine....

Donny Records "Suzannah B. Troy YouTube Rewind!" Spring is almost here Donny Records is back!

Des Amis Des Chats Cat Lovers Tattoo Lower East Side

which reminds me........

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beautiful Loving Cat in Whiskers Cat Ranch Finds a Loving Home! Now Whiskers is refurbishing the Ranch before new adoptees come in

235 East 9th Street
NY 10003
(212) 979-2532

They have a store in Queens tool!!!!

Whiskers Holistic Pet Care -

15 reviews - Place page - 1925 Ditmars Blvd # A - (718) 626-8590

To My Good and Loving Readers: Phil loves the stores and the pets so much when he lost his leg he had a custom
leg painted with the store logo which has the images of their beloved pets.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Katz's even in the rain long line -- see parents waiting on line with stroller...start fans off young -- the famous big O scene -- what movie?

Chloe Dzubilo March 12 Memorial 2-5 Judson Memorial Church 55 Washington Street , Request to Make Donation to Fund

Here is the website and a request to raise money to pay for the memorial and the rest will be donated to her causes listed on the web page.

If you can volunteer or need info contact