Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy takes you on a visit to the Bronx Botanical Garden!

I jumped on the subway and was transported....

Beautiful News Reporter and her very Sweet Camera Man -- I love the photo and I thought they were the nicest! We talked about the 2 crazy car accidents around Union Square

There were two car accidents around Union Square -- thangs have gotten crazy -- behind them is the after math of a wild crazy car accident....look on the ground behind her arm -- apparently a cab driver and passenger got into an arguement and things got out of hand and the car out of control hitting a light pole.  It was in the wee hours so thankfully no pedestrians were about.

I visited artist buddies and the news is the NYPD's Alpha Squad had made some recent visits and carted off people in handcuffs as if they were criminals and that is criminal.

I loved these two and I love my photo of them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Gaga Slideshow by DNA & Suzannah on Gaga Madonna by Suzannah B. Troy

Christopher, one of Madonna's brothers who used to live down the hall from me and was always a nice guy noted that Lady Gaga's new song sounds like a rip-off of his sister's work.  I am not quoting him.  I had to smile.  Madonna ripped off or borrowed or was heavily influenced by just about everyone from Mae West to Cyndi Lauper so what a tribute from Lady Gaga to "model" Madonna.  

Lady Gaga does have a Madonna-esque quality in her new song and of course some of her fashion wear but with the opening of the song "Born this Way" Lady Gaga has you laughing with that funny, smart sense of humor of hers as she spells out "H" "I" "M"mmm .

If Gaga occasional channels Madonna it is a Madonna with a sense of humor!   Lady Gaga does have a better voice.    Now I am going to go listen to "Rain".