Saturday, June 25, 2016

Game of Thrones Women WSJ me Suing NYPD

Love Esther The Wonder Pig Shopping Esther

New Yorkers -- -NY State some amazing animal sanctuaries....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Please help ban declawing in NY-we're at a critical point!


Forwarding from the Paw Project:

Feeling the Heavy black heart️? NYS legislators are hearing more about the declaw issue than any other but... only slightly more than half are on our side! We need your help ... TODAY please.
Anyone, Anywhere! Please take a moment to make quick, polite phone calls. Simply tell the staff member who answers the phone:
"My name is _____ and I strongly support Bill A1297/S5084 to prohibit cat declawing. Please pass this bill. Thank you!"
Assemblyman William Magee (Committee Chair - Assembly)
(518) 455-4807
Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan
(518) 455-2071
Senator John Bonacic (Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, Delaware Counties)
Senator John DeFrancisco (Onondaga County - Syracuse)
(518) 455-3511
Senator Marty Golden (Brooklyn)
518) 455-2730
Senator Kemp Hannon (Long Island)
Senator Joe Robach (Monroe County - Rochester)
(518) 455-2909
If you are a constituent residing in their NY state district...PLEASE TELL THEM!
That's it!! Please SHARE this with any other compassionate person you may know!
Thank you.

Elizabeth Forel / President 
Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
Horses Without Carriages International  
No Walk in the Park - Facebook
BanHDCarriages - Twitter 

you can't defeat an idea whose time has come 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WTC Area unfinished Wound Very Modern Concept

WTC Area unfinished Wound Very Modern Concept

because I was savagely attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman, violence lies, than entered corrupt NYPD my life changed....I stopped taking photos like this and posting to my trying to start up again....

#NYPD Commish Bratton Yelled Down U Kill People!

#NYPD Commish Bratton Yelled Down U Kill People!

You Kill People!’: NYC Police Commissioner Shouted Down By Angry Crowd at Vigil For Orlando Victims | Video |

Bloomberg and Ray Kelly's White House Ambitions Backfired Letting Hewlett Packard Overbill on 911, Steal, Deliver Late, Deliver Crap, corruption, NYPD committing crimes all fixed fixing favors Ray Kelly, Bratton, Chiefs internal affairs etc in on it

Deutsche Bank Nazi Bankers LGBT Flag hypocrisy DB finance Ig Farben, mengele, auschwitz, Abused handicapped OWS w/ private army

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Giuseppi Logan Lost & Found Again

because I was savagely assaulted at MD’s it makes it hard to walk in to any facility medical but this place is excellent — this is the best care GL has probably had since he “crashed”  — they really care about him and he has instruments to play.

It is said but certain community members were very angry with GL playing someone over the rainbow over and over desperate for money…

USA you can’t grow old you have grow rich and old or keep working until you die.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giuseppi Logan in a Nursing Home Please Visit if you Can

Giuseppi Logan in a Nursing Home Please Visit if you Can

Jaee Logan has dedicated his song Deja Vu to Giuseppi (JOE Logan if you call the nursing home) read more about that below and Jaee called me from the West Coast where he lives....and Jaee conference called me so I got to speak to Giuseppi Logan who wants out.  Jaee got Vervain White connected to Earth Wind and Fire to work with him on Deja vu dedicated to Giuseppi.

Lawrence Nursing Care Center

No reviews · Nursing Home
350 Beach 54th St · (718) 945-0400

Published on Jun 7, 2016
If you're a genuinely sincere and good person that wants to do a good deed please visit him he needs company companionship people that care he loves to talk about his music he's desperate to get out of there but frankly it looks like a good place where they r taking excellent care of him.

Please do not videotape him but you can photograph him if he gives you permission said Robin his social worker.   The nursing staff seems really excellent and caring and are in touch with his wonderful son Jay who's dedicated a song called déjà vu to him and Jay got Vervine White of earth wind and fire to work with him on the record dedicated to Joe aka Guiseppi Logan.

I visited just Guesppi Logan in the hospital Beth israel one hit a broken hip and he checked himself out. The nursing station is 718-945-0403 or you can call the main number just Google it it's in Queens New York

The horrific violence and lies to be violated my patient rights and than my body repeatedly and than they got the NYPD corrupt cops only to willing to threaten me -- thanks to Dr Andrew Fagelman and certain staff's on going wrong doing -- they have yet to own up -- admit wrong doing and apologize it but continue to lie it all took a toll and I couldn't stay in touch with Giuseppi.

Now my goal is to let People know if they are up to visiting and they are good souls please visit him.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

NYC Culture Pop Politics: High Alert NYC Will Murder Abused Zoo Animals if Ignorance Requires It

NYC Culture Pop Politics: High Alert NYC Will Murder Abused Zoo Animals if Ignorance Requires It

Please do not go to zoo or ride any animals and or horse drawn carriages or anything that involves animals torn from their natural habitat to be in a concrete jungle NYC or around the world do not support animal abuse, exploitation, slavery and mass murder in to extinction.

FYI Ringlilng Barnum can't stop abusing the Elephants still using bull hooks, concrete, isolation and now using them as guinea pigs by a crazy MD who thinks abused elephants stolen from their parents and everything natural to them are holding a cure of cancer.  Want to cure cancer -- stop eating foods that are tortured animals injected with hormones and die abuses and TERRORIZED horrific deaths and than you wonder why you are developing cancers?