Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giuseppi Logan Playing Tonight New Blue

Giuseppi Logan Playing Tonight New Blue via @youtube

Giuseppi says he needs money but is very happy he playing tonight!!!

He says hello to all the parks regulars including a beautiful 
little girl sitting on her Daddy's shoulder. 

They requested Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The little girl and I clapped 
along with Giuseppi.  Dad made a contribution. Me too. 

GL wishes he had his old apt with his piano.  He wants to play the piano.  


The NY Times Giuseppi Logan Suzannah B Troy YouTube Miracles Tompkins Square Park

Giuseppi Logan is written up in a piece by John Leland and my role is acknowledged. Pete Gershon, publisher of Signal to Noise wrote the first piece, the most powerful and Pete acknowledge my stirring YouTube that can 45 years after a British film maker's in Tompkins. John Leland added a hint of the YouTube miracle of uniting Giuseppi from the little boy, Jaee his only son who would lose his Dad not long after the documentary footage was shot.  

FYI:  Guiseppi and Jaee and their extended family have thanked me for all I have done to try and help GL and in the meantime I suffer greatly because Delita Hooks savagely attacked me, slandered me and the NYPD and IAB joined in fixing a violent crime as well as the crime of Det John Vergona coercing me and he did not act alone.

Going over rights violated and City of NY   NYPD failure to supervise etc
My lawsuits stats state over 1,000 reads....

The NYPD and IAB fixing this violent assault which goes black when Delita Hooks lands a running punch to my left eye making a hole in my retina and the YouTube proving NYPD and IAB involved in coercion because the video open and shut case along with medical reports and photos before and after -- INTERNAL AFFAIRS BUREAU GUILTY -- fixing a crime for Det John Vergona Coercion who was involved with a group of NYPD fixing a violent crime for dr Andrew Fagelman medical office Delita Hooks.  

By the way the women in the video wearing medical clothes and all staff wear no identification I am told all lied and blamed me. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Bill De Blasio and Dante for Mayor!!!!

Son’s big hair gives Bill de Blasio a big lift in New York mayoral race - Daily News

Listen to Dante's answer in WPIX interview on Stop and Frisk so brilliant and honest in stark contrast to Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn who changed their stance for political gain. 

Dante's answer represents all of us who had no idea that the NYPD were overwhelmingly violating New Yorkers rights causing a lot more hurt than actually providing safety.  

Under Christine Quinn we have had 3.7 million Stop and Frisks!!!

I am old enough to be Dante's mother but I just love what he represents and I want him to join his Dad representing us The People instead of Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn = big money and the political machine. 

I have tears running down my cheek because Dante makes me cry.  He is so honest and real.  Dante represents hope and a chance for this City that lost it's soul under the Bloomberg Quinn years including with Bill Thompson as comptroller allowing with Quinn billions of dollars to contractors and consultants grossly over billing us!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Google YouTube Removes Age Restriction on Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Menaced me Gave me the finger and punched me the eye YouTube

Google YouTube Removes Age Restriction on Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Menaced me Gave me the finger and punched me the eye YouTube  (Delita Hooks also threatened me with bodily harm when she could have closed the door, scratched me, ripped out an earring, my hair and tried kicking me in the groin but her barefoot only made contact with my vaginal area with out hurting me but not fired or arrested and now the adult rating has been lifted let's see if I can't get more views to break 20,000.

The Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks his  receptionist office manager violently attacking me I told Google YouTube that age rating it was also a human rights violation as well as censorship and all my work political so they were censoring political actions by me while their Ad Sense company was and is using ads like this...

I feel conflicted because it was amazing to me that someone reported this YouTube for violence so no one under 18 could watch the video and yet teenagers could have witnessed this crime and walk in to that doctor's office for all I know and too date the Jodi Arias a violent liar Delita Hooks who got away with everything but murder thanks to corrupt NYPD has yet to be fired as well as arrested for assault and a false cross complaint as well as possible witness tampering and  possible aggravated harassment.

I want to cry it has been so long.

My Justice cards tell People the video of Delita Hooks punching me was age rated for violence and now today it is no longer rated for violence so I have yet another chance to push this video viral.

If only Wikipedia had the willingness to look at their own corrupt dealing and censorship...too date Wikipedia won't return the page on me being censored but said go make another one.  The page documented Wiki's very own censorship of me so maybe that was why Wikipedia quickly deleted the page when it was cyber vandalized.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zipper Awesome Documentary on Coney Island Today Dress Like Mermaid IFC Screening !!!!!!!

Zipper Awesome Documentary on Coney Island Today Dress Like Mermaid IFC Screening !!!!!!!

I booed mayor Bloomberg and Amanda The People's Burden
and get insight in to Thor's greedy development and NYC gov Tsunami of Community Crushing Development via the wild rides of Coney Island Amusement Park and the demise of Zipper ride!!!

Be educated and Amy Nicholson brilliantly enlightens you on a side of NYC you haven't been allowed to see inside nyc corrupt dealings with greedy real estate dealings and you will not be bored!!!!

"When Mike Bloomberg says "Progress" he means getting your moving van!"

Suzannah B. Troy

The MTA ad agency refused to quote me a price to run this as an ad!!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Roman shusteman

Roman shusteman

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime Crime 911 Naked Truth by Suzannah B. Troy Nominated for Oscar, TONY and Grammy


This was the best video you ever did!  Oscar, TONY, and Grammy nominations w/o a doubt!


Subject: Naked Truth video exposing Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn 911 Tech corruption citytime slush abuse

 Mike Bloomberg 911 CityTime Crime Naked Truth Corruption YouTube RESIGN!
Thank you!!!!!!

Giggle --- did you see me as Quinn with a big snout and me as stringer with a pig snout bragging we have no hospital with rape crisis center and aids care?  Google just unblocked me dressed as Quinn with a big snout touting NYC NOW and Gloria Steinem and Quinn pro Rudin Luxury Condos replacing a Rape Crisis Center, AIDS care and Trauma level 1 Hospital!

I have your Mayor Bloomberg king of NY Poster xoxoxox
Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime Crime 911 Naked Truth by Suzannah B. Troy  Nominated for Oscar, TONY and Grammy

Mayor Bloomberg 911 OINK King of Tech Drek Resign!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tompkins Square Police Riots Documentary 3 1/2 Hours Aug 6

Rare screening- Tompkins Square Park Police Riot- all 3 hours and 33 minutes.
 Has  only been shown publicly a couple of times-- Spread the word.  

Anthology Film Archives-August 6th 

One time only- Tuesday August 6th 7 PM- Anthology Film Archives- 2nd ave & 2nd street- rare screening of the 3  hour  minute Tompkins Square Park Police Riot.

Installation & Performance
CAPTURED  the movie-- playing @ La Plaza Cultural  LPC, 9th Street between Avenues B and C Captured the history of the Clayton Archives.

Note from Suzannah Troy before there was a mayor Mike and 3 day weekend jaunts to
Bermuda Ed Koch was in The Hamptons
and refused to return to the City to deal
with NYPD Police beating up people, removing
their badges as they did so etc.

Here is my lawsuit against NYPD and IAB:
Violently assaulted 155 Spring St by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks who wants
to be the next Coco Channel. Coco slept with the
Nazis that invaded Paris but never punched a customer.

Det John Vergona coerced me to drop charges
and the NYPD did fixed this violent crime.

NYPD stats like a Las Vegas Casino the fix is in.

Here is my lawsuit against the NYPD and
 Internal Affairs