Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remembering St. Vincent’s Hospital St. Vincent’s Theatre Project

Note From Suzannah -- I will be out on the sidewalk protesting in 2 or 3 weeks when ever I have some spare time.

St. Vincent’s stitched up my leg twice.  
I remember St. V on Sept. 11...
I probably won’t go to this but very touching...

Remembering Saint Vincent's Hospital
Two Years After the Close
In April 2010, after 160 years, Saint Vincent's ended as a hospital. How does it live in memories now?

We warmly invite you to gather with neighbors, activists, and artists this April to mark the second anniversary of the closing of Saint Vincent's Hospital.  Bring a friend, and forward this invitation widely.
Come read and watch some of the stories and thoughts that people have contributed about the former hospital, in their raw form.  Then share new memories or thoughts of yours through structured discussion.  Finally, create seeds for your own artistic response to the close using an assortment of basic art supplies and creative exercises that we will provide.  The material we create will feed our upcoming Interactive Story Gallery.  No visual art or theatre experience is necessary to participate! We encourage everyone to join, play and share.
Saturday, April 28
Judson Memorial Church
Enter at 239 Thompson Street
The Saint Vincent's Theatre Project was created to mark the loss of Saint Vincent's, honor the rich history and community connected to the hospital, and deepen dialogue about the future of healthcare in our community. With over one hundred participants and counting, the Saint Vincent's Theatre Project has become a living archive of stories. The project will culminate with our Interactive Story Gallery, which will use visual art, essay, and performance to weave together the memories and reflections we have gathered about the hospital. For more information about our ongoing project, please visit our websitewatch our video, or feel free to call us at the number below.
Wishing you each a happy and healthy spring,
Liz and Michael