Friday, March 26, 2010

Coney Island Supporters!!!! March 28 is the opening day of Coney Island's 2010 Season!!

Dear Coney Island supporter,

This Sunday, March 28 is the opening day of Coney Island's 2010 Season!
We hope you'll be on hand to participate in the day's festivities - from the Open House at the Coney Island History Project from 12 - 3PM to the season's first rides of the Cyclone.
*Several Save Coney Island volunteers will be enjoying a post-ride beverage at Ruby's - so stop by at 4PM!

And there's more to come. We're eagerly awaiting the Memorial Day opening of the new Zamperla amusement park "Luna Park" on the former site of Astroland. The Coney Island USA Sideshows by the Seashores will be back, freakier than ever; Lola's Dreamland Roller Rink will return to the wonderful Child's building; the Coney Island History Project will unveil new exhibit items, the Ringling Brothers Circus will re-pitch its big top, and that's just the start of it... Let's not forget the big ticket events: the Mermaid Parade, Siren Festival, and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, all of which will be coming back this summer.

This season is guaranteed to be much more successful than last year. However, several of the entrenched problems that have long undermined the amusement area persist - from poor transportation and inadequate bathrooms to vacant lots and underutilized spaces. All these issues could be addressed and fixed by this summer and certainly by the 2011 season.

On Tuesday, the NYC-based think tank Center for an Urban Future published a commentary by several Save Coney Island volunteers entitled "Completing Coney's Comeback: Ten Suggestions for Making this Summer a Success". The commentary came directly out of the Coney Island town hall meeting we held back in January and incorporates many of the suggestions made by participants. You can read it here. We're hoping City Hall and key stakeholders, such as property owners, will build on the positive momentum generated by the arrival of Zamperla USA and really pull out the stops to make this Coney Island summer one to remember. In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing a few of our own initiatives to help spur these efforts.

We hope to see you on Sunday for the start of a spectacular season!

- Save Coney Island

P.S. Please forward this email on to someone you know who loves Coney Island.

Photo of Surf East by Charles Denson

Save Coney Island
237 Flatbush Avenue #248
Brooklyn, New York 11217

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Brooklyn Brewery Cat

The Brooklyn Brewery has a very good tour that is 20 minutes long, lots of fun and free.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gangster Museum Lorcan Otway interviewed 7PM NBC channel 4 tonight!

Lorcan Otway holding a photo telling me how his Mom who just celebrated her 90th birthday enjoys visiting the museum so much and there is even a photo which he is holding of her Dad with the baby faced very young Edward G. Robinson in the very front of the picture. Museum of the American Gangster, 80 St. Marks Place, NYC 10003
Al Capone with his son and Frank Nitty at a baseball game. Looks like James Gandolfini of the Sopranos could play the role of Capone....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There three BEAUTIFUL women are raising money for Haiti please support their art and also Haiti at the WOW Cafe Theatre Mach 11, 12, 13 East Village

You get to see three unique performances for the price of $15 dollars and part of money raised is for Haiti. You can give a bigger donation and I did for Mildred's family in Haiti.

Help Haiti. I am going to try and attend but either way I made a donation to help Haiti. The premiere is March 11and the 3 unique shows by these talented women are March 11, 12, 13th at the Wow Cafe Theatre.

59 East 4th STreet between 2 & 3rd Avenue 4th floor[0]=17#event_2010_03_11_1359

Sokhna Heathyre, Tantra Zawdi, Mildred Gerestant three beautiful women that are passionate about their art, theatre and making a difference!
Thank you!!!!!!!

The New York Botanical Garden Chocolate and Vanilla Adventures

Children discover that vanilla comes from an orchid plant called Vanilla planifolia and chocolate comes from the great caco tree, Theobroma coco so bring your kids and visit.

I am a member and I can't wait to visit the most beautiful botanical garden in the Bronx!

Lata and Suzannah and hearts filled with lavender and mugwort Flower Power FP celebrates Sweet 16 years in business

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thanks to Elizabeth Benjamin of the NY Daily News and all of you supporting my YouTube art - speaking up and out!!!!!

The Crazy Piano Man -- beautiful moments beautiful people-the handsome man at the ends stops and gives the card to this woman -- such a gentleman

I edited from the street and posted all under 3 minutes and I was rushing so I cut out that beautiful moment. I already had 2 five stars so I am living it up as is.

Colin Huggins is a pianist that carries his piano everywhere including down into subways! He is a rock star and the World's Happiest Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Museum is outta this world!!!! The NY Daily News superb coverage of Theatre 80's Gangster Museum and Tours!!!!

The Museum of American Gangsters
Read this superb article in The New York Daily News.

The Museum of American Gangsters
Read this superb article in The New York Daily News.