Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There three BEAUTIFUL women are raising money for Haiti please support their art and also Haiti at the WOW Cafe Theatre Mach 11, 12, 13 East Village


You get to see three unique performances for the price of $15 dollars and part of money raised is for Haiti. You can give a bigger donation and I did for Mildred's family in Haiti.

Help Haiti. I am going to try and attend but either way I made a donation to help Haiti. The premiere is March 11and the 3 unique shows by these talented women are March 11, 12, 13th at the Wow Cafe Theatre. http://www.wowcafe.org/

59 East 4th STreet between 2 & 3rd Avenue 4th floor



Sokhna Heathyre, Tantra Zawdi, Mildred Gerestant three beautiful women that are passionate about their art, theatre and making a difference!
Thank you!!!!!!!