Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whiskers Pet Store check out the youtube, visit, they even have cool events!


Animal Medical Center, a really cool tour!

Here is there blog and the latest installment is on arthritis and your pets!

Mesa Grill yum! Expensive but yummy, they make their own jalapeno corn muffins & they are to die for!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Go to Intergral Yoga and buy Peace-Keeper to support women's issue, Suzannah B. Troy w/ Peace-Keeper nail polish

I purchased Peace-Keeper nail polish at Intergral Yoga which has great classes including community classes at affordable prices. I bought the nail polish at their supermarket on 13th Street. I will give you links and buy Peace-Keeper and help support women's issues! http://www.iamapeacekeeper.com/ http://www.iyiny.org/

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mayor La Guardia, my father and I discuss how outstanding he was.


My Dad told me there was a newspaper strike and in those days Sunday papers had the funnies, the cartoons, since the papers were on strike he would read the children the funny papers. My Dad says he was an outstanding person... He would run to all the fires!!!!!!!!! He rushed to see what was going on. The economic times were terrible, my Dad reminisced.

Click on the link and read more.....His mother was Italian and Jewish!   

I know he served three terms but I don't want a third term for Mike Bloomberg.  I want to vote for an Italian American, Tony Avella!

My Dad said again,  La Guardia what an outstanding mayor!

AMNY my letter published my letter on mayor Mike


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mike Bloomberg's streets of NY, see link from NY1 water main break 2 years ago but problems keep arising


Watch my two youtubes on Bloomberg's streets of new york and just this block which you can see on NY1 and the next block which you see in my 2 youtubes seem to be busting open again and again...why is that?

Also giving every perk imaginable and unimaginable to developers who lay down knew infrastructure but connected it to old delipidated infrastructure over supersize so high with heavy trucks and equipment and construction rattling old pipes it is no surprise we have had so many water main breaks, man hole explosions gas leaks etc.

That was why I wanted DEP, DOB and Con Ed to name 3 alone to tell the mayor slow down.

In an ideal world you would make the developers slow down and put infrastructure improvements first but Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of rapid development put speed, supersizng and greed first and the good news for greedy developers is many infrastructure and construction accidents displaced more people which makes room for their greed they refer to as "progress".

See my youtubes on infrastructure -- there are many and my longest one quotes my letter published in AM NY "Destroying 'old' New York" and than William Yardley's in The New York Times that came out after mine but both were before the infrastructure break by Grand Central that did resemble a terror attack, a possibility mentioned in Yardley's piece.


Suzannah B. Troy with love from The Metropolitan Museum


Marlene is a sweet soul but she just gets by and is in need of a home and support systems to help her cope. I bought her dinner and I had a large babeland bag I gave her because she found some clean clothes which she was in need of to change...Say a prayer for Marlene.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clayton Patterson photographed by Suzannah B. Troy in the mirror Luciens

Setting up this brought back memories of www.suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com

I love this photo and it would make a great painting.

Please help The Animal Rescue Site as sent to be my passionate New Yorker!

Hi, all you animal lovers . This is pretty simple... Please ask ten friends to ask ten others today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their web site daily to

meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes

less than a minute (How about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food

for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the

number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.


Beauty and Beauty, Teany vegan eatery on Rivington Street


Bluestockings Bookstore, come visit, a cool place to hang out & many free events + my no third term MIke Bloomberg poster!

Bluestockings Book Store 172 Allen Street at Stanton 1 block south of Houston Street

Angel Wings on the subway - winging her way to Society of Illustrators NYC

Please note the NYPD and the MTA ask that you do not wear your wings but hold them for your own safety.  Thank you.

Mike Bloomberg's Streets of New York Part 2, the streets are crumbling so please be careful where you walk, drive, bicycle, skateboard, DANGEROUS!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Officer 9th Precinct no he isn't giving me a ticket

No, I know he is giving me this look like I might be in trouble but he just wants me to get the story right because I asked if that was a robbery.  No it wasn't a robbery but a truck hit this poor car.

My No Third Term for Mike Bloomberg posters East Village

Sustainable NYC cool store Eco-Friendly 139 Avenue A (9th Street)

Check out the solar charging back backs and of course the beautiful women with eco-consciousness on their minds!!!!!

Kachina hands Tompkins Square Park, I gave a broken Kachina to a friend it is no longer broken

He weaves love on the park bench, He genuinely cares for people I might call lost souls but to him they are not lost and he looks out for them and after them. He tells me when yet another one has passed away. The homeless line up to get food or people that are just poor and he is looking out for them. A truly good soul Tompkins Square Park.



Love the streets of Brooklyn

Prof. Claudia Kowalchyck, when the going got rough I called Claudia

When unusual and very distressing events took place I did look in to body guards but ended up with community activists, neighbors and Dr. K volunteering to escort me in and out of my thankfully now ex-home.  She is pint sized but a powerhouse.

Lucien fine dining Lucien, Clayton Patterson & Suzannah Troy

Look careful you can see my reflection with camera flashing in the mirror and yes that is Andy Warhol.

Clayton Patterson


old photo Suzannah Chelsea Hotel Suite 303

Sorry so blurry Suzannah B. Troy with her art in The Fire Museum NYC visit the link and even better the Fire Musuem!


New Years Eve East Village old photo

Suzannah B. Troy paintings, my ex-home, do to trauma I never even walk by & I feel like I am visiting no art up in my new home trauma waiting healing

Poem: Lotus Land healing from trauma (reference to Lotus tattoo is short hand for East Village) Lotus flower symbolizes being one's true self -- the lotus flower grows up out of the muck and is it's true self beautiful


Hub Station returns miracle in the midst of economic meltdown, visit hubstation rent a bike ride down the E. River, buy one made in NYC!

George Bliss was able to convince his ex-landlord to take him back after being evicted and the rent jacked up -- the came to a common ground and George is back in business and the community is very happy to have him back.
73 Morton Street (between Hudson and Greenwich Streets)
Hours: 10 AM-10 PM

Culture of Opposition ABC on Rio 156 Rivington St. & I put my NO THIRD TERM for Mike Bloomberg King of New York poster

Old photo of Suzannah B. Troy and Jesse Jane not the porno star!

knitting guerrillas PS122 East Village


Suzannah B. Troy visiting the NYC Police Museum


Today I see police everywhere, The 9th Precinct, my story The Going

Warning -- if you don't want to hear the story spelled out for you first scroll down to the podcast first and listen...the link is at the bottom.

The East Village is policed by the 9th Precinct and I wrote a fictional short story called The Going.  It is actually a really sad ghost story, I tell you that because unedited with the sex scene for some reason my audience seemed to miss that point but I have the podcast in the itunes store minus the love scene which takes place in the ghost precinct the shell of what was the 9th precinct.    An NYPD detective  I made friends with because of 9-11 asked me to write a short story so I did and it is dedicated to the NYPD and most especially the detectives because they would go from the WTC site to the morgue and they would stay with even the smallest bit of DNA, with someone's loved ones like a pinch hitting ghost.

I remember "In the Cut" came out and flopped in at the box office.  I had read the book and there was a sex scene in the precinct and I knew I could write a better one and I did.  I never had sex in a precinct and would not want to.   When I wrote this story I cried,  I would cry when I read it out loud everytime.    It is about a woman from the East Village and a fireman that worked in the East Village that died downtown 9-11 about they don't know it -- they can't come to turns with their death and they wander around the East Village talking to each other on their cel phones until she meets a detective she has been trying to reach on the phone finds her in front of the "old ghost building -- what was the 9th Precinct and what would one day be the new 9th Precinct.  

What happened post 9-11 with the Bloomberg administration pushing a tsunami of community crushing development was another shocker, Sept. 11 unfathomable but so is what Mike Bloomberg did to what was left of our neighborhood here in the East Village and city wide so when I listen to my podcast or read the story it is with great irony than I could have ever have imagined. 

When I wrote The Going it was with compassion for the heroism of the NYPD especially Sept. 11 and for the good police officers that have to deal with the darkest and saddest elements of society that most of us don't want to face just like death.

When I read the podcast I was so upset I kept making a clicking sound and I did not fully understand that Mike Bloomberg's administration and NYU along with parties I can only describe as corrupt destroyed life as I knew it and loved, more loss which I find ironic.

The Going is  love letter to the neighborhood....

Above  is the hexagon tile in Tompkins Square Park with a few lines from my poem and short story.

I still get very emotional and upset about this story and I remember The New York  City Police Museum had a poignant  exhibit about  the detectives who did the work at the morgue for Sept. 11.....Heart breaking and courageous.....

Suzannah B. Troy's youtube asking Do you think Hilly Kristal of CBGB's would vote for Mike Bloomberg? NO! Rest in peace Hilly.

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, The New York Observer Struggling to Hold Back Bloomberg Tide


The top link blew my mind because to find an article that acknowledges my work and the last part of the piece is about me as an East Village artist -- to be recognized and the author saw right in to my soul, understood the youtubes are my art....so rare so have some one who "gets it" and me. 

The other link Penn Obama -- has a link to my youtube "Gloomy Bloomy News Sub-Zero Trickledown" and I am quoted in the article asking is city council going to UNVOTE themselves a raise?

Youtube on my art poster and I make fun of the male gaze...(if you have read John Berger you will get this joke even more)

Giuseppe Logan is NYC's The Soloist, people thought he was dead, I posted this youtube and rocked the jazz world. He lives!!!!!

Giuseppe Logan with the article written by Pete Gershon, Out from the Shadow in Signal to Noise and I can't express in words what it means to be acknowledged, my art my youtube of Giuseppe Logan helped to him to connect with a world wide audience that rejoiced to know he had not died but was alive!

Last December on a freezing cold morning I spotted this man playing to an empty house or should I say park.  I filmed him and I knew I filmed a magnificent New York happening so I ran home and posted this youtube on not fully understanding just how magnificent  until Tim Madison from Michigan contacted me to explain the context of Giuseppe, that people had thought he was dead but before he had died in the 1960's his musical contribution had been so powerful, many people still have his records or just remember him.  I told Tim I found this other youtube of Giuseppe also in Tompkins Square Park from the 1960's but the spelling was different.  It was haunting.  I felt like he and I were ghosts compelled to return over and over to the park, two artists drawn together like magnets.  We are standing right by a hexagon tile by the fountain that has part of my poem "The Going".

I say that Giuseppe Logan is NYC's The Soloist but I want to clear that Giuseppe does not have any mood swings, is happy to have housing rather than be homeless....he was missing in action for 3o plus years and I explain part of this in the text portion of my youtubes.  I also let people know about up coming gigs.  If you see him in the park please say hi and introduce yourself, he enjoys company!

Pete Gershon, the publisher of Signal to Noise wrote a powerful piece "Out from the Shadow" that also has amazing photos of GL including when he was a young man.

Pete Gershon acknowledged my work and contribution, he refers to me as ARTIST and community activist and he acknowledge my youtube and the one from the 1960's in the same park Tompkins by a British film maker.  I am happy for Giuseppe Logan because he made it back to NYC where New Yorkers treated him with kindness and gave him what he needed from shelter to clothes to most of all musical instruments because with out music he feels dead.

I am happy for me that I was acknowledged for my contribution when way to often I feel robbed and erased.  I have an entire series of youtubes starting with the first so go to Suzannahartist to see more, type in Giuseppe Logan in youtube's search engine with my name.

East Village Books maybe the coolest used book store in town & there is my NO THIRD TERM for Mike Bloomberg poster!!! Hey there is Betty Page!

When I had to sell my home of 20 years under duress I dropped a lot of books in to this donation box.  I love that they have this donation box.

Jim Mosaic Man Power and Jesse Jane, not the porn star but emotional seeing eye dog

Oops, someone locked something up to this light post with Jim Power's mosaic art and his art is still there but someone's property is missing.

To see more photos visit my apple blog and search under Jim Power for even more info...

go to youtube Suzannahartist so see series of youtubes on Jim Power...here is just one of a series....