Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mike Bloomberg's streets of NY, see link from NY1 water main break 2 years ago but problems keep arising


Watch my two youtubes on Bloomberg's streets of new york and just this block which you can see on NY1 and the next block which you see in my 2 youtubes seem to be busting open again and again...why is that?

Also giving every perk imaginable and unimaginable to developers who lay down knew infrastructure but connected it to old delipidated infrastructure over supersize so high with heavy trucks and equipment and construction rattling old pipes it is no surprise we have had so many water main breaks, man hole explosions gas leaks etc.

That was why I wanted DEP, DOB and Con Ed to name 3 alone to tell the mayor slow down.

In an ideal world you would make the developers slow down and put infrastructure improvements first but Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of rapid development put speed, supersizng and greed first and the good news for greedy developers is many infrastructure and construction accidents displaced more people which makes room for their greed they refer to as "progress".

See my youtubes on infrastructure -- there are many and my longest one quotes my letter published in AM NY "Destroying 'old' New York" and than William Yardley's in The New York Times that came out after mine but both were before the infrastructure break by Grand Central that did resemble a terror attack, a possibility mentioned in Yardley's piece.