Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Animal Medical Center, Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists, West Chelsea Vets all to the rescue!

My cats which I adopted at the same time -- both were older with eye issues had to move with me to my new home which was traumatic and both had life threatening health issues that would have killed them if it was not for the above organizations.  City Critters rescue was heroic and the same with Dr. Bridget Halligan of West Chelsea Vets.

For the cat you see me kissing, I adopted her at age 10 and I think her owners were evicted or had to leave NYC so I adopted her knowing she was blind but what I did not know was she had glaucoma and her eye pressure had grown to 80 when 20 is the highest.  Cats have the highest threshold for pain but when she started limping my friend Claudia was over and insisted we take her to Fifth Avenue Veterinary specialists where we met Dr. Sola who had just done some extra training with eyes up at the Animal Medical Center.  He determined her eye had to come out right away and I made an appointment with their specialist and I have the highest praise possible for the Animal Medical Center who treated my love with so much care and me too since I called with lots of questions, maybe shed a few tears but all ended well.

This is NYC at it's best and I adopted this cats because they were older and needed homes and I can't express how much I love them.