Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Barc Dog Shelter, even if you are just visiting NYC & you want to volunteer to walk a dog this place is for you.

You do have to fill out a form but you can take a beautiful dog in need of a home for a walk around the hip unusual neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which reminds me of the Village but hey you are in Brooklyn.

For any of you that watch Dogtown on the  National Geographic channel, here is their link

I contact them for help from time to time because their show has moved me heart and soul along with so many other animal lovers.  Best friends aka Dogtown has raised the bar on rescue, animal care, healing animals from trauma and addressing behavioral issues with the hope that every animal can one day find a home and their medical team and their team team is outstanding.

Doris Day's great talent as an actress and singer still move and inspires many young artists today but her love and dedication to animals was and still to this day is Olympic as in a gold medal winner in her devotion to animals so I include her link as well!
If you can make a donation to best friends or to any animal shelter or volunteer.
thanks, big hugs and love,