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Michael Moore book signing Here Comes Trouble St. Marks Bookstore Tomorrow!

A note from Cooper Sq. Committee:  Michael Moore at book signing tomorrow St. Marks -- see details down below....

From Suzannah B. Troy Artist 

Dear Michael Moore:  Would love to chat about Bloomberg SAIC CityTime ECTP Northrup Grumman and the BIGGEST White Collar Crimes ever NYC gov....and all under Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor next and Wall St. is donating it’s bail-out money big time to her campaign....

Michael I want to talk to you  but how Cooper Union, NYU jr. is destroying and displacing communities like Columbia U. abusing eminent domain to move an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville but I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year.

Maybe you can further shame NYU jr. aka Cooper Union from not evicting St. Marks Bookstore which can’t afford to be on St. Mark’s anymore or any where in the E. Village because of Cooper Union, NYU, NYU mega-dormed the E. Village to death, NY Law has a mega dorm next to the Hells Angels and SVA all confusing the community with dorm fodder and they use their not for profit status as a tax shelter and bust thru zoning using the term “community facility”but they exclude the facility.  I demand community outreach centers in every University “community facility” so Michael Moore shame Cooper Union.

Cooper Union has this “neogtiating with terrorists” but for some reason Cooper Union did not included themselves as terrorists and NYU as well as Columbia U. in this EVENT.   

Below the email from Cooper Square  Committe and FYI here is one example how Fran and Joyce a true heres .....  Jason tells us how he is fighting cancer.  Without Joyce and the work she does he and his Mom could have been homeless living in a shelter after the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd St.

Jason’s positive attitude is heroic and he has beaten the cancer and having a home may have helped as much as being a victim of mass eviction must have hurt.

We at the Cooper Square Committee want to thank you for signing the St Mark's Bookshop Petition.

We have an unexpected update: 
Michael Moore will be at the bookstore tomorrow, Thursday at 7 pm to sign his new exciting book "Here Comes Trouble."    

Yesterday the Public Affairs Office at Cooper Union, the St. Mark's Bookshop's landlord, sent out a letter saying Cooper Union's Board was asking its Finance and Business Affairs Committee to examine the request to lower the bookstore's rent from its current $20,000 a month. The outcome will be announced at the end of October. 

We believe that Cooper Union is stonewalling this issue, hoping our community will forget about the bookstore.  We need you to send this petition out to all of your friends and family today.  Help us reach 50,000 signatures by the middle of October.  


Frances Goldin, a founder of the Cooper Square Committee, and 
Joyce Ravitz, Chairperson

p.s. Michael -- it is  Suzannah -- can we talk about the Haggerty Trial how  Bloomberg is doing to the justice system what he did to democracy when he and his mini-me Christine  Quinn denied us a referendum.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bloomberg & Mini-me Christine Quinn 75,000 NYers Pushed In To Poverty

Christine Quinn sued 4 times for back rent moved on up in to luxury with her girlfriend and dollar a year Bloomberg increased his billions but from 2009 to 2010 75,000 NYC residents were pushed into poverty!

Manhattan has the biggest gap between the poor and mega-rich.

Metro & NYTimes

Quinn would be struggling like most people but she sold her soul and the People out to greedy stupid developers and it has increased her and her friends wealth.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Line for Mexican Food Passes Surpasses Fellow Food Servers

Broadway below Houston - the line was so long I wondered if they were giving something away free.

Some Subway Platforms Not Just Rats but Cell Phone Service!

Broadway below Houston - the line was so long I wondered if they were giving something away free.

William Barnacle Bar 80 St. Marks Place Theatre 80

Facebook page for bar William Barnacle at 80 St. Marks Place

 Suzannah with Belgian Absinthe Fountain and french absinthe glasses
They are also serving alimony beer and other exotic drinks as well as theatre, films and the option to rent the place for your own events....check out Theatre 80 Website....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Funneled $ Allison Jaffin Haggerty Mike GUILTY!

oops spelled her name wrong  Allison Jaffin!

click on link to see NY Post articles on Allison Jaffe and two other women getting 2 salaries courtesy of the tax payers and a dummy company not Bloomberg News that Mike was giving than another 6 figure salary = 2 six figure salaries -- they said it is who you know and who you....

MLE Hagen Fall Head Wear Show Plaza Hotel

Ok, for all of you have been admiring my hats when I go out: this is my
cousin, and her work is AMAZING! Trunk shows are a great chance to nab a
one-of-a-kind chapeau at a discount...and have a look at the collection. 

This one is at the Plaza, so you know it will be swanky...also, I have been
informed that there may be some liquid refreshments of the fizzy kind! Hats
are back....though in my view, they never left. Please forward this to your
fashion forward (and retro) friends. 


TIME: 12-6

Last 2 Public Hearings Lives At Risk No Hospital W. Village Speak Out Against Rudin/North Shore/LIJ Proposal

Lives at risk with no West Side Hospital/Trauma I Center
Everyone urged to come and speak out at the last two public hearings against steamroller train  Rudin/NorthShore/LIJ proposal to install a "Duane Reade on Stretchers" non-hospital emergency room in St. Vincent's O'Toole Building 7th Ave and 12th St.

 9//2011 Community Board Public Health Hearing
Village Community School 272 W. 10th St
6:30 pm
Wednesday is last day to register to attend  the  final New York State Department of Health Hearing being  held 10 am on Thursday September 22, at 90 Church Street 4th Floor.
Must call Colleen Frost 518-402-0964 or Email
Re: CON # 111531  (Lenox Hill/NorthShoreLIJ)
Picture I.D. needed at door.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

If you click on the top photo and look carefully in the center of the pink flower you can see the bee -- not Brad Pitt but still worth the look... hard working bees...there was quite a large turn out of them doing their thang with the pretty flowers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jerry Delakas Struggling NYer short film by Jake Oleson

Jerry Delakas Holds on To His Newstand by a Thread & Prayer Court Date Coming

Sept. 12, 2001 Jerry was open and sold NYTimes to a line of patient shell shocked grief stricken New Yorkers.  Mayor Bloomberg wake-up!  NYC gov. return the love and fortitude of this dedicated New Yorker.

From April

YouTube from April

From May

Suzannah B. Troy With Peace Earring Table 14th St by Washington

The artist who made these earrings and everything on the table is shy --
the link above is her face book page and the sale of everything she wishes to go to a film making endeavor to tell her story and her best friend’s.

Monday, September 12, 2011

DEP DOT Can’t Solve? Starting with NY1 almost 5 Years Water Main Breaks and More 2nd Avenue 7th Street

Mike Bloomberg’s streets of New York third world with massive deep holes but at least we have nice bike lanes!

DOT keeps repaving 2nd avenue by 7th street and the street continues to break open...Thursday man hole cover exploded, we have water main break and giant craters and holes in the street and it started when Cooper Union did it’s zone busting construction for it’s new hideous Studio on old NY’s infratructure.

Clearly we need a deputy mayor of infrastructure to put the safety of the People first and address third world street conditions thanks to Bloomberg and a socialite mega-millionaire  city planner Amanda The People’s Burden that pushed a tsunami of community crushing development to help their rich pals  as same intersection almost 5 years ago
Another YouTube channel and I covered water shunting out of the street in August like open hurt surgery and the MD had walked away...
Another activists YouTube and here is mine

St. Marks Book Store Sign the Petition

Friends of the Bowery Help Save 135 Bowery

Dear Friend of the Bowery:
Please help save the landmarked circa 1818 Federal-style house at 135 Bowery by contacting District 1 City Council Member Margaret Chin. Tell her you want her to represent the interests of her constituents, not a big monied bank, and uphold the landmark designation in the City Council. Although designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the City Council has chosen to call for a vote to either uphold or overturn the landmark designation. Ms. Chin's testimony favoring 135 Bowery helped lead to the LPC designation, so we desperately need her leadership as the issue moves to a City Council vote.
Having lost the oldest building on Cooper Square (35 Cooper Sq.) in May, and with the Bowery's recent nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, it is crucial that the City protect this seminally important (and oldest!) thoroughfare. Located on the Bowery's most well-preserved block (Grand to Broome Streets), and across the street from the iconic Bowery Savings Bank and several other Federal-style buildings, 135 Bowery is a rare survivor that evokes the city's earliest period of development. Not supporting the designation of 135 Bowery could set back landmarking on the Bowery for years. It deserves its designation as a NYC landmark.
Thank you for your support.
Here's what you can do:  
1) Call and/or e-mail Council Member Chin today: 212-587-3159212-442-1563FAX 212-587-3138 250 Broadway, Suite 1804, NY, NY 10007 (Two templates for a letter to Councilmember Chin are attached.  Please choose whichever you feel would be appropriate. Adding your comments would create a greater impact to the letter.)  
2) Attend the NYC Council Landmarks Subcommittee hearing on 135 Bowery on
This is a public hearing on affirming the landmark designation of 135 Bowery. It is important that CM Chin,  in advance of this hearing, knows that the citizens,which the City Council represents, want this landmark building to remain a part of the historic Bowery and not be demolished by the bank-owner for a multi-story office building!
3) Please Sign the petition to tell Councilmember Margaret Chin and City Council that we do not want to lose this Bowery landmark.
Petition co-sponsors: Historic Districts Council, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council,
Lower East Side Preservation Initiative, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and
Bowery Alliance of Neighbors. Here's the link: Here's the link:
4) Call or e-mail City Council Subcommittee on Landmarks and urge them to vote to uphold the LPC’s recent designation of 135 Bowery as a NYC landmark.
212-788-6969 250 Broadway, Suite 1776 New York, NY 10007
*Maria del Carmen Arroyo
Phone 718-402-6130212-788-7384212-788-7384 250 Broadway,
Suite 1768, New York, NY 10007
*Daniel J. Halloran, III
250 Broadway, Suite 1545 New York, NY 10007
718-631-6703 212-788-7250
212-788-7366 250 Broadway, Suite 1734 New York, NY 10007
(718) 792-1140 250 Broadway, Suite 1781 New York, NY 10007
*James Sanders, Jr. (718) 527-4356
250 Broadway, Suite 1820 New York, NY 10007
*Jumaane D. Williams 
Phone 718-629-2900 718-629-2900 212-788- 6859250 Broadway, Suite 1808, New York, NY 10007Photos:
*135 Bowery, 2007 photo by Robert K. Chin
*135 Bowery shown in context, 2010. Panoramic streetscape photo assemblage
Photos: Stan Ries Assembled by Kerri Culhane
*135 Bowery shown in context, 1905. 135 is at right side.
Stanford White designed Bowery Savings Bank is at left side.
David Mulkins, Chair
Bowery Alliance of Neighbors
184 Bowery, #4
New York, NY 10012

Elizabeth Forel Ban Horse Drawn Carriages Bobby’s Bill Intro 670

Intro 670, which we call Bobby's Bill, was introduced last Thursday in the City Council. Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito is the sponsor.  

Please come to our press conference on the steps of City Hall on:

When:  Tuesday September 20th at 12 noon
Where:  steps of City Hall (City Hall is located in downtown Manhattan - bounded on the north by Chambers St.; west by Broadway and east by Park Row.)

We are calling the bill "Bobby's Bill" after Bobby II Freedom, the horse we rescued last June 2010 from the kill auction in New Holland with Equine Advocates.  

Because of the 4-digit number on his left front hoof, Bobby was saved and is now living the good life at Equine Advocates Sanctuary in Chatham, NY.  You can read about his rescue by clicking here. 

Currently, records for horses sold outside NYC are not required by the Department of Health so it is not known where the majority of horses go.  There is a high turnover in the trade - about 60-70 horses leave the business every year.  The bill seeks to change that by requiring that the owners either sell or donate their horses to sanctuaries or individuals who sign an assurance the the horse will be kept as a companion animal and will not be sold into another carriage business or taken to auction where they can be purchased by kill buyers on their way to slaughter.  

We believe many of these horse go to the auctions and then on to slaughter.   

The industry is already up in arms about this bill because they claim they find homes for all of their horses. If so, then this bill will require confirmation of that claim.  

We hope you will arrange your schedules to come to this very important event.

Thank you.  

PS - We still obviously support a total ban of the industry  - either the state bill - S5013 and A7748  or the NYC bill - Intro 86A, which will substitute electric cars.   But in the meantime, let's save the horses.  

Elizabeth Forel
Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
Horses Without Carriages International

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