Monday, September 12, 2011

Friends of the Bowery Help Save 135 Bowery

Dear Friend of the Bowery:
Please help save the landmarked circa 1818 Federal-style house at 135 Bowery by contacting District 1 City Council Member Margaret Chin. Tell her you want her to represent the interests of her constituents, not a big monied bank, and uphold the landmark designation in the City Council. Although designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the City Council has chosen to call for a vote to either uphold or overturn the landmark designation. Ms. Chin's testimony favoring 135 Bowery helped lead to the LPC designation, so we desperately need her leadership as the issue moves to a City Council vote.
Having lost the oldest building on Cooper Square (35 Cooper Sq.) in May, and with the Bowery's recent nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, it is crucial that the City protect this seminally important (and oldest!) thoroughfare. Located on the Bowery's most well-preserved block (Grand to Broome Streets), and across the street from the iconic Bowery Savings Bank and several other Federal-style buildings, 135 Bowery is a rare survivor that evokes the city's earliest period of development. Not supporting the designation of 135 Bowery could set back landmarking on the Bowery for years. It deserves its designation as a NYC landmark.
Thank you for your support.
Here's what you can do:  
1) Call and/or e-mail Council Member Chin today: 212-587-3159212-442-1563FAX 212-587-3138 250 Broadway, Suite 1804, NY, NY 10007 (Two templates for a letter to Councilmember Chin are attached.  Please choose whichever you feel would be appropriate. Adding your comments would create a greater impact to the letter.)  
2) Attend the NYC Council Landmarks Subcommittee hearing on 135 Bowery on
This is a public hearing on affirming the landmark designation of 135 Bowery. It is important that CM Chin,  in advance of this hearing, knows that the citizens,which the City Council represents, want this landmark building to remain a part of the historic Bowery and not be demolished by the bank-owner for a multi-story office building!
3) Please Sign the petition to tell Councilmember Margaret Chin and City Council that we do not want to lose this Bowery landmark.
Petition co-sponsors: Historic Districts Council, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council,
Lower East Side Preservation Initiative, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and
Bowery Alliance of Neighbors. Here's the link: Here's the link:
4) Call or e-mail City Council Subcommittee on Landmarks and urge them to vote to uphold the LPC’s recent designation of 135 Bowery as a NYC landmark.
212-788-6969 250 Broadway, Suite 1776 New York, NY 10007
*Maria del Carmen Arroyo
Phone 718-402-6130212-788-7384212-788-7384 250 Broadway,
Suite 1768, New York, NY 10007
*Daniel J. Halloran, III
250 Broadway, Suite 1545 New York, NY 10007
718-631-6703 212-788-7250
212-788-7366 250 Broadway, Suite 1734 New York, NY 10007
(718) 792-1140 250 Broadway, Suite 1781 New York, NY 10007
*James Sanders, Jr. (718) 527-4356
250 Broadway, Suite 1820 New York, NY 10007
*Jumaane D. Williams 
Phone 718-629-2900 718-629-2900 212-788- 6859250 Broadway, Suite 1808, New York, NY 10007Photos:
*135 Bowery, 2007 photo by Robert K. Chin
*135 Bowery shown in context, 2010. Panoramic streetscape photo assemblage
Photos: Stan Ries Assembled by Kerri Culhane
*135 Bowery shown in context, 1905. 135 is at right side.
Stanford White designed Bowery Savings Bank is at left side.
David Mulkins, Chair
Bowery Alliance of Neighbors
184 Bowery, #4
New York, NY 10012