Monday, September 12, 2011

DEP DOT Can’t Solve? Starting with NY1 almost 5 Years Water Main Breaks and More 2nd Avenue 7th Street

Mike Bloomberg’s streets of New York third world with massive deep holes but at least we have nice bike lanes!

DOT keeps repaving 2nd avenue by 7th street and the street continues to break open...Thursday man hole cover exploded, we have water main break and giant craters and holes in the street and it started when Cooper Union did it’s zone busting construction for it’s new hideous Studio on old NY’s infratructure.

Clearly we need a deputy mayor of infrastructure to put the safety of the People first and address third world street conditions thanks to Bloomberg and a socialite mega-millionaire  city planner Amanda The People’s Burden that pushed a tsunami of community crushing development to help their rich pals  as same intersection almost 5 years ago
Another YouTube channel and I covered water shunting out of the street in August like open hurt surgery and the MD had walked away...
Another activists YouTube and here is mine