Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy buys a jacket and waving goodbye to Gomi NYC closing Saturday

Tonight at Theatre 80 Harps Galore, ballet & hip hop! Here is a photo with Lorcan Otway's Dad & Gloria Swanson on Broadway Let us be Gay

Lorcan Otway's Dad, Howard is the gentleman to the far left with the golf bad and the famous Gloria Swanson that many of us remember from the film Sunset Boulevard is front and center.

Theatre 80 opens officially Sept. 8 but tonight Mia Theodoratus is bringing us Harps Galore and ballet with classical music and Hip Hop

I have an amazing YouTube coming up tonight if I get time to edit it which will include a heroic story about Lorcan Otway's mom during World War 2!

Lorcan also has his photographs up around the theatre on display.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Theatre 80 on St. Marks Place is reopening Sept. 8 & I am bringing you a YouTube that tells you the history starting with prohibition

Howard Otway, Lorcan's father who starred on Broadway with Katherine Cornell in Barretts of Whimpole Street. I believe he also performed on Broadway with Gloria Swanson.

Suzannah B. Troy on Mike Lichter's "Just Married" and Barry Wolman's Janis Joplin

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scoop Theatre 80 on St. Marks will be re-opening Sept. 8

Lorcan Otway gave me a scoop! Theatre 80 and it will open Sept. 8 as a venue for off Broadway plays! Check out Loran Otway's photos......

Giuseppie Logan Tompkins go to YouTube to see my playlist on him

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes, you are seeing advertisements on my blogs! Why?

My goal is to quality for something called "partner" on YouTube when I have enough views and subscribers and I am warming up right now with my many blogs. I do not get to pick the advertisements and already I wanted to barf when I saw an ad for someone running against Norman Siegel but we are in a recession and with what feels like criminal activity going on both at Albany and City Hall, times are going to get tougher before they get better.

Why not attempt to make some money on advertisements on my blogs?

I just won't put anyone "Bloomberg Newzzz" because for me it is "high art" -- I am painting with words and I don't want cheesy ads next to my work. I prefer not to have it on any of my blogs but I want to see if I will actually make money from adsense and there is only one way to find out.

Inoteca wine tasting no. 2 Are all Italian men that own vineyards handsome? Seems like it!

Here is the young owner of the Vineyards to your left representing his family who have owned the property since the 19th Century and his charming public relations fellow representing wines that are like an exciting vacation for your palette without leaving NYC, the Lower East Side you can enjoy the lush beauty of Italy in spirit as well as with wine.

You can find these fine Italian wines at De-Vino Wine Boutique, 30 Clinton Street, Lower East Side 212-228-0073

Inoteca has wine tastings that are as fun as they are luscious

Mike Bloomberg King of New York "YouTube" has over 1,000 views

Mike Bloomberg assists NYU in the tear down of historic St. Ann's from 1847 & schills for NYU be ruthless destroy neighbors go to NYU!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mae West Walking tour coming to you or should I say come out and focus on female power!!!!!!

I received this missive!!!!!!

Hello from a dramatist in Washington Square!
Enjoyed your comments about MAE WEST and I wanted you to know I give an annual walking tour dedicated to the Brooklyn-born trailblazer on or near her birthday.
This year's walking tour is Sunday afternoon August 16th.
We'll start at Shubert Alley at 4 PM and focus on female power:
"GAUDY GIRLS on The Great White Way: Mae West and Texas Guinan in the Theatre District."
Details are on my Texas Guinan Blog - - - and also on my Mae West blog.
Stay happy, Mae

+For you youngsters, Mae West was a ground breaker in many ways from her earthy sense of humor and celebration of women as sexually empowered to her business acumen. She was hugely successful business woman starting from the most humble background in Brooklyn. Madonna has clearly molded her self after Mae West and other blonde bomb shells but Madonna never came close to Mae West's to sexy, funny and empowering theatrics.

Thanks Mae, I will try and stay happy but NYC is a tough town as you know when you got arrested by the NYPD performing in your play SEX on Broadway, the play you wrote. The mayor of NYC was behind your unfair arrests and I know many gay men protesting Mike Bloomberg because they feel the same way right now in 2009. The NYPD brought you to what is now Jefferson Library and than was a court house in the West Village and you were found guilty! But Mae you always were a winner and did your time with grace and good humor of course!

I love you Mae!
Suzannah B. Troy

Watch my YouTube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Part 2"
and give me 5 stars or do not come up and see me sometime, right Mae!!!???!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The USPS 14 billion dollar loses in the last three years breaking the law business as usual

I don't get threatened by USPS employees and I have been intimidated or been made to be unsafe walking in to my lobby of my home. I just have nothing to do with the USPS because their customer service makes the Mafia look warm, cuddly and down right honorable and while the USPS does it's shady activities from intimidation to retaliation, breaking the law as pictured above and it is hard not to notice it says United States on their uniform as they go about their activities above the law.... including shady real estate sales, selling air space over St. Ann's as one example, 120 East 12th Street, selling it to NYU without notifying the State of New York as legally required -- the people breaking the law have "United States" emblazoned on their uniforms and stationary. Some message the USPS is sending.....The USPS wants to kid itself they lose mega billions because of email.

I don't set foot in a post office and I stopped having any mail delivered on my property because I am not comfortable dealing with activity that conjures up those famous words "going postal".

I saw the UPS and Fed Ex are getting tickets galore as usual but the USPS who breaks the law daily with confidence there is zero accountability and flouts that fact they have "federal protection" even when intimidating customers still can't break even let alone make a profit.

Why should the people of this country bail out the USPS when the USPS workers have better benefits and retirement packages than most Americans. It is like bail out Wall Street -- it is just plain wrong. The tax payers bailed out Wall Streeters who are counting their big bonuses and aren't eager to pay taxes so they claim any where but NYC as their home and they aren't offering to pay back any bail out money.

The USPS is so outdated but most of all lousy customer service is their biggest killer along with their abuse of their Federal Status as well as daily sites like this one of them breaking the law.

Burning the Floor! Broadway seats very cool on a hot summer night

The seat was free, the air conditioning full blast fabulous! If you like the Fox 5 dance competitions this is for you. The cast has beautiful bodies and it there is no story line, just all kinds of dance. When they have performers actually come out and sing the stage heats up along with the dancing. The two leads had small role and are in the show for two more weeks. The performances with Spanish live vocals and dance were my favorites.

Because of major stress, it was relaxing to not think about anything.

From there I went on to the Andy Warhol party.