Friday, August 7, 2009

The USPS 14 billion dollar loses in the last three years breaking the law business as usual

I don't get threatened by USPS employees and I have been intimidated or been made to be unsafe walking in to my lobby of my home. I just have nothing to do with the USPS because their customer service makes the Mafia look warm, cuddly and down right honorable and while the USPS does it's shady activities from intimidation to retaliation, breaking the law as pictured above and it is hard not to notice it says United States on their uniform as they go about their activities above the law.... including shady real estate sales, selling air space over St. Ann's as one example, 120 East 12th Street, selling it to NYU without notifying the State of New York as legally required -- the people breaking the law have "United States" emblazoned on their uniforms and stationary. Some message the USPS is sending.....The USPS wants to kid itself they lose mega billions because of email.

I don't set foot in a post office and I stopped having any mail delivered on my property because I am not comfortable dealing with activity that conjures up those famous words "going postal".

I saw the UPS and Fed Ex are getting tickets galore as usual but the USPS who breaks the law daily with confidence there is zero accountability and flouts that fact they have "federal protection" even when intimidating customers still can't break even let alone make a profit.

Why should the people of this country bail out the USPS when the USPS workers have better benefits and retirement packages than most Americans. It is like bail out Wall Street -- it is just plain wrong. The tax payers bailed out Wall Streeters who are counting their big bonuses and aren't eager to pay taxes so they claim any where but NYC as their home and they aren't offering to pay back any bail out money.

The USPS is so outdated but most of all lousy customer service is their biggest killer along with their abuse of their Federal Status as well as daily sites like this one of them breaking the law.