Sunday, May 29, 2011

ProPublica Journalist Sues Mayor over Cathie Black Records

ProPublica Journalist Sues Mayor over Cathie Black Records


Dear friend,
The Mayor’s office isn’t making it easy for ProPublica journalist Sergio Hernandez to find out just what went on in emails between Bloomberg and soon-to-be Schools Chancellor Cathie Black way back in November.
After they denied his FOIL request – government employee communications are subject to those, remember – he fired back and is now suing the mayor.
Will Manhattan Supreme Court stand behind the mayor, or the public’s right to know just how royally the ‘education mayor’ screwed up in appointing this unqualified chancellor? And, more importantly, what is actually in those emails, that the original request would be denied with this comment:
“if disclosed, [the emails] would constitute an unwarranted violation of personal privacy”
Sound off in the comments on what you think is in these documents…
-Justin Wedes
Editor, OurSchoolsNYC

PS - Two weeks ago some of you joined the Guerrilla Street Team totake on the Koch bros. Here's another fun opportunity:

Wanna join the Guerrilla Glee Club on June 1? Text ‘SINGALONG’ to 760-670-3130 to find out more. .

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy’s 1st YouTube on CityTime SAIC! Rewind! Stop Do Not Renew Contract SAIC CityTime!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's CityTime tax payers Titanic renewal must be stopped Sept
May 27, 2010

Just a reminder Mike Bloomberg pushed for a full renewal for CityTime with SAIC Sept. 28, 2010 and I was part of a group that fought this tooth and nail and I set up two YouTube channels devoted to fighting this and Bloomberg out sourcing everything possible as first started with Rudy who brought in CityTime and SAIC.

LGBT Activist Dan Choi Arrested Moscow Pride Parade

The New York Post Anger Over NYPD Rape Cops Free Pass, Suzannah B. Troy makes Post YouTube NYPD DNA Fix!

Suzannah B. Troy - NYPD DNA Fix!   The NYPD find DNA from everyone in the planet but no DNA what so ever from the  NYPD Rape Cops who were in her bed and on her couch?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Hospital W. Village -- if You Want A Hospital Sign the Petition!

Dear Neighbor,

The Rudin/North Shore LIJ plan to replace our replace our full service hospital with luxury condominiums and a “Freestanding Emergency Room” is NOT A DONE DEAL.

I’m writing to let you know about two things we can do this week to fight back against the plan and hold our elected officials accountable.

The first thing you can do right now: The Rudin plan must next go before our New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.  The good news is, Eric Schneiderman supports our community’s efforts for a hospital.  The bad news is he’ll be under real pressure to back down.

Make sure Attorney General Schneiderman knows we demand a hospital. Please sign this petition today. And then forward it on to everyone you know who cares about the health of New Yorkers.  The link is .

Then Next Tuesday, May 31st at 6:30 PM, we need everyone in the community to come out and testify at an important Community Board 2 meeting to demand that CB2 stick to its July 2010 resolution to oppose “all changes in land use laws, zoning rules, landmarks laws, or any other laws that would eliminate hospital uses at the site of the former St. Vincent's”. The community Board will also be under pressure from the developers, and we need to be sure our voices are heard.  Please join us there.
Manhattan Community Board 2
St. Vincent’s Omnibus Committee

Next Tuesday, May 31st at 6:30 PM
P.S. 41 Auditorium, 116 West 11th Street
Between 6th and 7th Avenues.

Thank you.  We will continue to keep the pressure on.

In solidarity,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bigot Bell - Episode 1 - We Have a Problem

Bigot Bell - Episode 1 - We Have a Problem

Ask Mike Bloomberg! He loves being a manager, micro-manager actually! Read the transcript of Bloomberg testifying in the sex discrimination law suit brought against his private empire and what was Bloomberg’s record on marriage equality. Send Mike Bloomberg an application. Great YouTube!
Suzannah B. Troy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel indirectly harassing Suzannah B. Troy? Just wondering out loud?

Note:  Just harassed by same person with another sock puppet account both created today just for me.  I explained to this to cyber stalker for Tacopina Seigel  aggravated harassment carries jail time.

I got a couple of comments and the account on YouTube was blind and it was on behalf of the two employees that I filmed and I had a strong response back.   The comments and the blind account were all documented.

Stay tuned.

It would be so odd if I had the priviledge of having my lawyers  deposing Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel in court.  I have some interesting info that I would love to have them cross examined about and the two employees as well since the YouTube starts with me asking the woman staff member to step away from me and she refuses to do so until I turn on the camera.

Bomb Threat NYC High School + Newspapers NOT reporting News

Sunday, May 15, 2011

World Fair Trade Day at Sustainable NYC Global Celebration

HandCrafting Justice helping women globally through fair trade.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

NYPD Rape Cop Lawyers To be Protested Lunch Wed. May 11 12:30 1/2 hour

The NYPD Rape Cop Lawyers put the victim on trial. In a question Chad Seigel asked if it snapped shut like a Venus Fly Trap?
12:30 - 1 lunch time protest 275 Madison Avenue Wednesday May 11

Tacopina Seigel clearly hate women and know nothing of the female anatomy and behave like thugs which is why their MD Gyno expert was the man that handed Baby Lisa over to Joel Steinberg with no paper work as in illegally and Lisa was beaten to death age six! The MD being a rich man got no time and his partner community service.

Stop the violence from babies to grannies too many rapes and murders Globally and her in NYC!

Stop the rapes!

In NY rapes are up and under reported.

Tacopina Seigel's vile tactics mean even more will will not come forward.

Yu Yao 28 years old was randomly grabbed by her hair, pulled in to an alley where was raped and beaten to death by a monster with a pipe. 

She died at the hospital. We will honor her memory. She wanted to be a lawyer. She wanted to help people. She came from China to go to school and to help her family.

Come to my protest.

City water is whale habitat By Queens Crap

Queens Crap's Notes

City water is whale habitat
By Queens Crap
From Metro:The world’s biggest animal is swimming just off New York City’s shores.A total of six whale species have been spotted from Long Island to New York Harbor, scientists announced yesterday.Whales have been known to surface near New York, but it wasn’t until researchers submerged sound recorders off Long Island in 2008 that they found out how many and how often whales are found just off Lower Manhattan.“I was completely shocked,” said Christopher Clark, director of the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell, who studies whale sounds. “Off New York, we’ve found that we have some of the greatest animals on earth.”

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Protest NYPD Rape Cop's Lawyers Wed. 11th!

President Obama visiting Ground Zero

CBSNY: Watch live video coverage now at of President Obama visiting Ground Zero.

Folks I am a little tired so go to  and read more...for instance a false alarm -- bomb squad made a visit to the East Village in park behind Cooper Union.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloomberg We Need A Hospital! Brad Hoylman Tom Duane Christine Quinn Sha...

Bloomberg We Need A Hospital! Brad Hoylman Tom Duane Christine Quinn Shame Protest! 5th Ave:
FYI: We are standing outside Brad Hoylman’s apt. protesting Christine Quinn and gang and when this guy in the red hat Mel speaks up -- you should that at a Community board 2 meeting Brad called the NYPD on him to try and make him shut up. Search on YouTube for this title: “This is going on YouTube Community Board 2 Called Cops on Citizen’s During St. Vincent’s Meeting.