Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giuseppe Logan is NYC's The Soloist, people thought he was dead, I posted this youtube and rocked the jazz world. He lives!!!!!

Giuseppe Logan with the article written by Pete Gershon, Out from the Shadow in Signal to Noise and I can't express in words what it means to be acknowledged, my art my youtube of Giuseppe Logan helped to him to connect with a world wide audience that rejoiced to know he had not died but was alive!

Last December on a freezing cold morning I spotted this man playing to an empty house or should I say park.  I filmed him and I knew I filmed a magnificent New York happening so I ran home and posted this youtube on not fully understanding just how magnificent  until Tim Madison from Michigan contacted me to explain the context of Giuseppe, that people had thought he was dead but before he had died in the 1960's his musical contribution had been so powerful, many people still have his records or just remember him.  I told Tim I found this other youtube of Giuseppe also in Tompkins Square Park from the 1960's but the spelling was different.  It was haunting.  I felt like he and I were ghosts compelled to return over and over to the park, two artists drawn together like magnets.  We are standing right by a hexagon tile by the fountain that has part of my poem "The Going".

I say that Giuseppe Logan is NYC's The Soloist but I want to clear that Giuseppe does not have any mood swings, is happy to have housing rather than be homeless....he was missing in action for 3o plus years and I explain part of this in the text portion of my youtubes.  I also let people know about up coming gigs.  If you see him in the park please say hi and introduce yourself, he enjoys company!

Pete Gershon, the publisher of Signal to Noise wrote a powerful piece "Out from the Shadow" that also has amazing photos of GL including when he was a young man.

Pete Gershon acknowledged my work and contribution, he refers to me as ARTIST and community activist and he acknowledge my youtube and the one from the 1960's in the same park Tompkins by a British film maker.  I am happy for Giuseppe Logan because he made it back to NYC where New Yorkers treated him with kindness and gave him what he needed from shelter to clothes to most of all musical instruments because with out music he feels dead.

I am happy for me that I was acknowledged for my contribution when way to often I feel robbed and erased.  I have an entire series of youtubes starting with the first so go to Suzannahartist to see more, type in Giuseppe Logan in youtube's search engine with my name.