Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giuseppi Logan in a Nursing Home Please Visit if you Can

Giuseppi Logan in a Nursing Home Please Visit if you Can


Jaee Logan has dedicated his song Deja Vu to Giuseppi (JOE Logan if you call the nursing home) read more about that below and Jaee called me from the West Coast where he lives....and Jaee conference called me so I got to speak to Giuseppi Logan who wants out.  Jaee got Vervain White connected to Earth Wind and Fire to work with him on Deja vu dedicated to Giuseppi.

Lawrence Nursing Care Center

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350 Beach 54th St · (718) 945-0400

Published on Jun 7, 2016
If you're a genuinely sincere and good person that wants to do a good deed please visit him he needs company companionship people that care he loves to talk about his music he's desperate to get out of there but frankly it looks like a good place where they r taking excellent care of him.

Please do not videotape him but you can photograph him if he gives you permission said Robin his social worker.   The nursing staff seems really excellent and caring and are in touch with his wonderful son Jay who's dedicated a song called déjà vu to him and Jay got Vervine White of earth wind and fire to work with him on the record dedicated to Joe aka Guiseppi Logan.

I visited just Guesppi Logan in the hospital Beth israel one hit a broken hip and he checked himself out. The nursing station is 718-945-0403 or you can call the main number just Google it it's in Queens New York

The horrific violence and lies to be violated my patient rights and than my body repeatedly and than they got the NYPD corrupt cops only to willing to threaten me -- thanks to Dr Andrew Fagelman and certain staff's on going wrong doing -- they have yet to own up -- admit wrong doing and apologize it but continue to lie it all took a toll and I couldn't stay in touch with Giuseppi.

Now my goal is to let People know if they are up to visiting and they are good souls please visit him.