Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oliver Stone Wall Street 2 Oscar Buzz -- Yes already!

Okay, I want to be the first to say "Oscars"!  There I said it.  Wall Street 2 will  be nominated for plenty of golden statues but will Oliver Stone clean up?   I am not selling him "short" or anything but will this film be on the level of Platoon and Wall Street?

I answer all these questions in my YouTube where I share just a few memories of working on the film Wall Street.   I had the lowest non-union job possible after I got, ehem, promoted, yes, that's right;  I was promoted from one of the only women parking production assistants  to craft services.   Not  really promotion by the way and I had to feed a big crew and lots of extras.  I share my first conversation with Oliver Stone which was unforgettable, hilarious and proof I can give as good as I get if not better.

Oliver returned to NYC to film part 2 and I past the set and inquired after him.  They told me he was huddled in a hotel with bodyguards.  Yikes!   The controversial movie director has his fans and also his haters.  I am not a fan of his politics but Platoon was deeply moving and I saw it on my day off while working on Wall Street (1).   At one point we were working 6 days a week because as I recall they were afraid there was going to be a writer's strike or something.

I tell you about Charlie Sheen and a very sad memory for me now looking back having to run to the World Trade Center to pick up something for Charlie and I did not want to go on the errand.  It is really heart breaking for me to look back now and talk about that the WTC which by the way was a symbol for "World Trade" whether you are pro or con but it is now an open wound still not near healing or near completion.   Sept. 11 was mass murder and mass destruction so it gives one perspective so let us switch to happy Hollywood thoughts french style....

Bravo for all the fanfare at Cannes Film Festival with uber glamour and the exciting opening of Wall Street 2.  I can't get any reports on whether the film was well received or not.  I have a unique take on the film and whether it will do well that may or may not surprise you and I hit on the news two days ago when President Obama was snubbed here in NYC at a mega-bucks fund democratic fund raiser by Wall Street including Goldman Sachs.  Hear why I think this and other factors will effect Wall Street 2 at the box office.  Watch my YouTube!