Saturday, May 15, 2010

Google Apologizing again

Yikes! Google eavesdropping?  This is not a new revelation after all on the tv show that gave us an inside look in to Google,  doesn't one employee brags that what people ask Google search engine is more intimate than what they might share with a priest?
Here is my YouTube when I find out my YouTubes that were all wrongly banned from YouTubeland were returned to me.   So many activists, friends, film makers wrote Google and of course Norman Siegel, famed civil rights law represented me and I got a written apology from Google which of course meant a lot.

I also interviewed Clayton Patterson on all my work being banned because when my work was removed from YouTube it meant every website around the world that had my YouTubes posted had my work pulled off of their websites as well.   Clayton Patterson was a head of his game in his evaluation of Google and their power including suggesting the impact if some billionaire came in and purchased a big chunk of and listen.  In the TV show on Google these kinds of concerns were discussed

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