Saturday, June 19, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy buys another Rishat Kamalov photo of Coney Island Union Square
Above is the link to my first purchase of a photo of Rishat Kamalov  of The Cyclone which is quite large.  Today I had hoped to make it to Coney Island and see the mermaids and activists, friends, characters....maybe ride the Cyclone again in the front favorite spot.

I spoke with the Kamalov's devoted wife and daughter selling his wonderful photos and they had their Artist Power sign up.  They told me because of the changes put in place they would most likely be moving to Union Square.

In the meantime I told them today 1010WINS reported Robert Lederman is suing Rudy Giuliani's predecessor and I expected Robert to win and defeat the mayor king Bloomberg the way he did Guiliani.

Because I feel too tired to make it to Coney Island here is a shot of mine on my humble IPhone 3GS but get ready folks my new IPhone is on the way with a much better camera and HD video plus ZOOM!!!!!
My 3GS was white but you could only get the new phone in black.  I hope to make a documentary from start to finish on my phone.  I wish it was the Giuseppi Logan story....which I have up as a YouTube documentary.  I have a series following NYC characters, artists, etc. but not all were filmed entirely on my Iphone and the 3GS was not HD.  I love this photo of mine too!  I love Rishat Kamalov's Coney Island Cyclone photos and now I have two!

Instead I bought a small photo of Kamalov's and I love it because of how he uses color and how he framed the shot!  "How Sweet it is!"