Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bloomberg, Paterson NYC round up Yankees to the American Indians enduring economic racist attack by our government here in NY
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Below is my response to an article by Carolyn Thompson of The New York Post, "Tribal Smoke Break"
09/01/2010 10:58 AM
Watch my 2 YouTubes and I am about to do a new one about NYC's budget crisis, this issue and more including Bloomberg and Rudy but my tubes talk about the economic racism directed at the American Indians by Paterson and Bloomberg. Why should the American Indians pay for NY's budget crisis that was brought on by greed and stupidity . The American Indians have bad more than enough for the US's government's corruption and greed. In fact the USA owes them money not the other way around. The AI do not have the economic opportunities that Americans have on their reservation and they were robbed of their lands besides the fact that Paterson and Bloomberg are bent on violating the Seneca and Cayuga people's jurisdiction. Bloomberg wants to treat the American Indians like he does the middle classes. If the AI had land development deals or financial wall street firms on their land Mike would be kissing their posteriors instead of treating them with gross prejudice.