Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coney Island Sept. 12-13

Parachute Performance Festival
What: The first annual literary and performance festival in Coney Island
Where: New York City Aquarium, West 8th Street.
When: Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th at 6:30pm

Coney Island has always hosted a magnificent array of performance: a naked Walt Whitman read Shakespeare to the Atlantic Ocean; Cary Grant walked on stilts at Steeplechase Park; Woody Guthrie strummed his guitar on Mermaid Avenue; the Bread and Puppet Theatre was in residence in the 1970s; and Coney Island USA has been a theatrical fixture for nearly thirty years.

The Parachute Performance Festival continues this tradition. This free poetry workshop will feature a wide array of established and up-and-coming Brooklyn-based poets and writers. Highlights include poet Patricia Spears Jones, John Ventimiglia from the Sopranos reading Henry Miller's words on Coney Island, Eileen Myles (named by BUST magazine as "the rock star of modern poetry") and the former Brooklyn Poet Laureate, Dennis Nurkse.

Festival Flyer