Friday, February 26, 2010

Suzannah Troy visits Giuseppie Logan this am during snow storm to get his phone up and working and check in

I could not reach GL because he had locked his phone but didn't have the code so I walked over this morning in the storm. Brought him a bagel and some shirts a friend gave me. I called T-Mobile and got a smart saint who helped me solve the problem. I want GL to have a phone working at all times. Tomorrow is the party for his CD. 5pm at the downtown music gallery Here is a review: The review leaves out my YouTube and here it is.... This is the record label and it is named for the Park where I filmed Giuseppie Logan, ran home and posted his haunting performance and than I discovered a YouTube of he and his son in the very same park from the early 1960's. 13 Monroe St New York, NY 10002 (212) 473-0043 GL told me not having instruments was death. He has returned to the East Village and re-claimed his music and his life. He will be re-uniting with his youngest son Jay, also a gifted musical genius at some point in the future. Jay is living GL's dream as a working musician and is on the road. Thanks for all your caring and interest in Giuseppie Logan and here is the update!