Saturday, April 17, 2010

Giuseppi Logan Jaee Logan reunited YouTube in 21 YouTube documentary (most on Iphone) on YouTube

Folks -- Extremely, extremely exhausted....I made this and it took a lot of work and is very imperfect but again the people who are about heart and soul will get the message and appreciate this YouTube.

Text portion of this YouTube: Promo for Jaee's documentary which is happening because of my YouTube series. See a photo of GL's grandson who was murdered as a teenager in a random act of gun violence. You can find information on S.A.V.O.Y. You can find Jaee's new song on this website above Lounge Renown Records. The Youtube from 1966 Out From the Shadows Peter Gershon go to this website for info on new album -- awesome reviews Mine almost 50 years later and 20 YouTubes later Here is the playlist Scroll down and you will see Free Jazz posted my request to tell fans GL lives.. You will also see Raggedy David and he is the first person to contact me and comment on YouTube he lives!!!!!! Thank you Raggedy!

Again thanks again to all the people all over the world who have contacted me re: my work -- my YouTubes on Giuseppi Logan and my other YouTubes as well.