Sunday, December 19, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy back with The New York Post

Just an update I got banned again March 2011!

All my YouTubes were removed a month and a half before the election to close to call and March 4 I had made a YouTube that said don't believe what the press is reporting Mike Bloomberg may not win....

Well Google wrote me an apology and I got my work restored.

Just as the 80 million dollar theft was breaking I was banned from The New York Post and no longer allowed to comment.  I had been commenting all along about the need for an investigation and no renewal of CityTme.  I even made a comment about Joel Bondy way back when.

I was also giving mayor Bloomberg a very hard time and I was always a head of the game.   For example the fact Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws.  Well know Haggerty has removed the sword he fell on for Mike Bloomberg and he is also talking about broken campaign laws.

I just wanted to comment on The NY Post website.  It always frustrated me and still does that you can't read comments or post comments from your smart phones on the NY  Post website.  You cannot post links and in the unfolding of CityTime and iReport link was mind blowing and the link was found in the comment section of a rival newspaper.
Just glad to be no longer banned.