Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Will Suzannah B. Troy Artist Make it past The NY Times Censors on John Liu Vs. Bloomberg Cover-ups for Bloomberg   I posted the comment below -- but will I make it past The New York Times sensors?

The New York Times coverage -- or should I save “cover” for Mike Bloomberg vs. John Liu is very interesting.  For instance besides silencing voices in opposition of the mayor including mine, The New York Times did everything possible to put Mike Bloomberg in office a third term. I post a YouTube link May 4, 2009 stating don’t believe what the media is saying Mike Bloomberg may not win due to Voter Anger!  What did I know that The New York Times didn’t or chose to be willfully obtuse but was forced off script the night of the election?  John Liu stopped CityTime in it’s tracks will Bloomberg and Thompson allowed CityTime to flourish.  Liu stopped CityTime 2 aka ECTP the 911 tech system which in my opinion may be in fact a bigger rip-off of NYC tax payer money than CityTime.  I dubbed NYCAPS CityTime 3.  In case you don’t post this comment it goes on all my blogs.  Liu is not a saint but he has made history exposing the largest White Collar Crime ever in NYC gov. history but The NYTimes non-reporting for Mike Bloomberg and pals is as shocking as Steve Rattner pleading the 5th 62 times and getting an Op Ed piece in The NY Times!
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Scroll down until you get to The NY Post part about the Post’s treatment of John Liu.  If you do not know anything about Murdoch Joel Klein board of ed or department of education tech deals -- you need to start googling and how John Liu may have thwarted Rupert Murdoch’s mega-bucks dream to tech this tech program globally but Liu may have prevented him from doing so here in NYC.

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