Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy’s Fundamental Fury Is That The People of NYC Come Last and Greed Comes First

Excerpts from Silvia Sanza interviewing Suzannah Troy.

"The first thing  you notice about Suzannah Troy is that she is never without a smile.  But in her heart there is a roar, the rumble of someone who demands justice.  She talks in capital letters and she talks a mile a minute.  I hang on to every word.  She scares me with her brilliance and nonstop energy.  I have watched and listened to her often during our tireless struggle for a new hospital at the site of St. Vincent’s which closed on April 30, 2010.”
She has many causes, but her fundamental fury is that the people of New York City come last and greed comes first.  In her own words, “Our leaders have high priced public relation machines but they are destroying our neighborhoods with greed and stupidity including corrupt real estate deals to mortgage meltdown and Wall Street implosion — common thread greed and stupidity have really hurt this country.”