Wednesday, November 14, 2012

March Madness by Mike Vogel Off Broadway Worth Seeing by Suzannah B. Troy

March Madness by Mike Vogel Abingdon Theatre Company

This is an off Broadway little gem squeezed in to a smart set design underscoring with humor the decline of news reporting with a once award winning reporter for The NY Times writing copy dictated by advertisers for The Drug Store Times.

Note I regular accuse The NY Timed of killing stories on behalf of The Rudin Family as a personal favor to Howard Rubenstein and NYT paint Mike's mini Christine Quinn as Betty Crocker when even she admits St Vincent's Hospital and no Trauma Level 1 hospital with a rape crisis is her -- well maybe she won't admit but the NYT acts like her campaign manager.

Oh and I accuse NY1 Time Warner of firing news reporter for covering our Rudin Protest outside St. Vincent's because they are in bed with City Hall, Bloomberg, Rudin, Howard Rubenstein to get that Chelsea Market Upzoning through -- but hey that's just me.  

You get why I laughed and felt a sense if catharsis. The ending was a bit too easy but I was satisfied and entertained.

The acting was EXCELLENT!!!

Tom Mardirosian as Maury was truly outstanding and he deserves an award.

Mark Doherty as Nick so good I really didn't like him and I would have cast him in Oliver Stone's Wall St one or two -- never saw two.

I loved AJ Cedeno -- beautiful soulful quality which added more substance to his role and ditto for Lucy McMichael as Kim.

Brad Bellamy as Herb understated performance that was excellent as well.

I loved the F-bombing dropping too poor to retire Maury.

The play not plausible and had a TV sitcom vibe (Barney Miller days for u old folk :)) but really worth seeing.

No intermission and turn your texting and technology off as the 99 percent struggle to survive - a small play with lots of irony.

We have all been there -- jobs with our souls in our shoes -- bosses we hate-- co-workers we despise and those we love.

A joke about the human soul or lack there of my fav.

Aprox. 80 minutes long -- tight squeeze bring someone to cuddle?

“March Madness” continues through Nov. 18 at the Abingdon Theater, 312 West 36th Street, Manhattan; (212) 868-2055,
312 West 36th Street

ps  Thank David for bringing me to see this.  xoxoxoxoxo