Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Giuseepi Logan ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary Concert Sunday Nov 17

Giuseppi Logan
 ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary Concert  Sunday Nov 17

Featured performers will represent the past and present of ESP-Disk': multi-instrumentalists Kali Z. Fasteau (Sea Ensemble), Giuseppi Logan, and Alan Sondheim hail from the label's 1965-75 heyday, while guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil (TOTEM) and trio Tiger Hatchery (ESP-Disk's latest signing) show that the scene and the label continue to produce exciting artists. Additionally, former Sun Ra Arkestra member Michael D. Anderson will perform, and the ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary Concert will benefit the Sun Ra Music Archives. The latter part of the concert will be a jam session featuring a variety of guests. Tickets are just $10! Between-sets deejaying byBlackCrystal FarkWolf.

505 1/2 Waverly Ave.Brooklyn, New York 11238

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