Monday, February 1, 2016

Smurf and Wanda Miracle Survivior Kittens Nine Lives Foundation

Miracle Kittens Smurf and Wanda have a new Facebook page

Nine Lives Foundation help find cats homes help them survive when did miracle work with Smurf what is a teeny teeny kitten was dyed purple with permanent purple garment coloring and then given to a dog to be a chew toy and left to die like his new best friend for life Wanda Who is blind in one eye and was left in the freezing cold by the garbage. 

When they're ready --healed --- they will be adopted together!!!

They become quite the big celebrities please share !!!

Please think about adopting abused animals or handicapped animals but no it takes more patience and love it's not for the average person 

Here in New York I was violated at the doctors office in Soho violent some buys and threatened including by the NYPD please look at the videos and share them as well I was damaged a hole in my retina damage both my eyes floaters and cervical so please help

"Nothing stays hidden forever"  David Lynch.  Comforts me re violence lies Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks violence lies #NYPD IA lies

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were!
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 6 second highlights Vine
Watch Delita Hooks remove DC her keys which had already hit me because they would hinder her goal to do a running punched in my left eye make me a hole in my retina Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.