Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Judge Lynn Kotler Morass is a Boomerang? Judge Lynn Kotler spells my name wrong in her motion to dismiss and her motion refusing to forward my case to the US Attorney re: corp counsel, NYPD and Internal Affairs wrong doing

update aug 31, 2016 How's that for NY State Supreme Court a job looking down her nose arrogant judge telling me my lawsuit morass and she misspells my name on 2 key motions..... 

Morass a boomberang -- do I have Lorraine that nasty abusive clerk who feigns proper behavior only when a court clerk and the judge are around.  If if Lorraine screwed up twice it is OBVIOUS JUDGE LYNN KOTLER WAS NOT PAYING ATTENTION.   Pileup of crimes started under mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly 1800 NYPD fix it  every way possible Bloomberg tried to shut down his critics team Bloomberg.
Judge Lynn Kotler Dismisses Case Corrupt Accessory to NYPD Coercion?