Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I recommend Dr. Parikh as a dermatologist, he is located in Tribeca

He is just wonderful, smart and kind. He won't try and sell you pricey "thangs" you don't need. He works with each person as an individual. I know because I am 47 and I don't want to do botox. I talked to him about the no frills version of retin A a prior dermo had recommended but said I go out in the sun and I don't have the energy to deal with all that high maintenance work.
I did show him my sunscreen and I had this freaky freckle I had him removed. I just felt better for spending some quality time with him. The office is beautiful and the Tribeca area is always fun to walk around and visit. So many great places to eat or you can walk over to the West Side Highway and hang out by the water.