Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Organic Wine Journal, a beautifully crafted review and Suzannah B. Troy gets her first photo credit and it's dreamy!

http://www.organicwinejournal.com/index.php/2009/07/organic-sicily-in-downtown-new-york/Jonathan Russo, what beautifully crafted review, giving me even more insight and pleasure to a deliciously, luscious experience on the Lower East Side at one of my most favorite places Inoteca! Thanks for photo credit of Gunther Di Giovanna and great photo choice as well because I found him and his wines dreamy. I treasure my visits to Inoteca because it's an affordable way to step off the busy streets of NYC and pretend I am in Italy. Gunther Di Giovanna brought a unique feel and taste of Sicily to us and being a romantic I asked how his German Mother met his Italian Dad met. He told me Paris! Romantic! Thanks again for adding knowledge and insight about organic wines at a magical evening at Inoteca. The evening was a wonderful event and escape from writing "Bloomberg Newzzz", my art, painting with words on NYC politics. best, Suzannah B. Troy http://bloombergnewzzz.blogspot.com/