Friday, July 23, 2010

S Factor Suzannah B. Troy celebrates turning 48 big time fun using a pole to work out

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I did not wear the very sexy attire -- and less is more when you want to stick to, glide and slide around  on a pole but I had a lot of fun despite a very long day that started at 4am!

I am so tired but this is a blast.  Actress Sheila  Kelly created this work-out after she trained for a movie role and realized it was a great work out but with her insights it could be about sexual empowerment, self acceptance and sensuousness.   I was really impressed how sensuous the experience was...very.

This is for women only.  There are no mirrors, the lights are down low and it is about getting sexy for yourself first and foremost and being comfortable in your skin what ever your body size.  The friend that got me here is 60 and she told me there is a 70 year old woman working out as well so there is a full spectrum of young women on up and all with the same goal - to work out, have fun and sexiness from a place of self acceptance and empowerment.

If men reading this have not figured it out...have you noticed women speed up to avoid you on the street and all kinds of interesting behavior to keep guys away....?   Well in this class it is about slowing down and Sheila Kelly provides a safe supportive environment to slow down, get sexy!

S factor will give you quite an ab work-out as well as getting in touch with your sensuousness and your wild sex kitten just roaring to get out and s-express herself!!!!!

Highly recommended.   You might get a few bruises on your shin.

I have no dancing background...when my beautiful teacher Loretta that looks like she walked out of a Gaugin painting said something about pointing my toe...I told her my foot is cramping and just grabbed the bar and twirled around swinging my hips for momentum.  She praised me.  I said it was either move or cramp.

I have no idea how to do this but it was either cramp and die or move and have a blast.

Side note:  For professional women that do this it is very, very hard work and they deserve every thing they earn plus more.

The S Factor has a shop as well with fun undies and t-shirt and massive high heels which you will never, ever see me in.  I cannot walk in high heels.

I read Sheila Kelly's book when it first came out almost a decade ago (?) was it really that long ago...and I loved it.  Especially the way she emphasized self acceptance as you are right now.

Total blast, recommended, not inexpensive.  They have a payment plan and day time prices during the week may get you a discounted.