Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stefano Giovanni Coney Island Sad Haunting Coney

I want to thank Stefano for sharing this photo with me so I could share it with you.

Many people that call them self artist or photographer do the same work over and over -- like having the same conversation.  He is work is not like that at all but he doesn’t update his website and funny but I don’t update my artist’s website anymore either.  This photo leaped out at me.  If you look up at the top of this blog -- my very first blog than you will understand why.

I am face book friends with this dynamic photographer and his  Coney Island series that remind me of a Hopper painting -- some how lonely and stark.  (I was suppose to see the Hopper exhibit at The Whitney today, the very last day when my friend....I always show you a picture of us visiting museums but I am not sure I am going to make it uptown.  Still feel so tired from being sick for weeks.)

If you tool around Stefano Giovannini’s  website you can find photos giving us visuals of a Protest of China’s treatment of Tibet and the United Nation’s indifference.

Powerful work....from the facebook photos of Coney Island to his website.