Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Recovering from Bloomberg Corruption Flu -- Take a Yoga Class NYC is the City of Yoga

2nd blog post from IPad 2 with blogger App.   I really felt like I was dying and I still have a lot of congestion and this cough but major spiritual uplift tonight!
I took an hour Yoga class which is way more challenging than a much longer gentle class I usual take and it was very challenging but cured me!  Despite the overwhelming Bloomberg corruption in your face and I am talking street level this class just massaged my heart and soul.

At one point I curled into child's pose and my shirt which says "yoga is my bailout" was wet with sweat -- my teacher came over and did gentle compressions on my spine and I felt true compassion as well as the wonderful physical sensation of my spine lengthening.   For weeks I haven't been able to breathe and tonight I can fully.  Still a little congestion but I feel so much better.  I did a head stand, my first in a while.  

I always did the most macho sports and had a lot of muscle.  I have lost so much but I see people doing yoga with beautiful muscles.  Muscles in NYC are urban jewelry.  I want beautiful yoga muscles in my fifties!!!!

Than had delicious food at the Love Shack!  Everything made with love and very healthy!

Thanks, love and big hugs to everyone that reads my blogs, watches my tubes and sends me positive energy!