Thursday, August 4, 2011

A-Rod A Fraud in Trouble Again? A-Rod, Jorge, Matt Damon Explain to NYers How to Live w/out Hospitals by Suzannah B. Troy Artist A-Rod called a fraud after steroid scandal, part of the wealthy elite that makes a fortune in NYC but finds every way to cheat so he does not have to part with the obscene amounts of money he should never have been paid the way he cheated on his wife caught in another scandal? A very emotional protest of People fighting to save yet another hospital this one in Queens should be contrasted with Juan Gonzalez's exposes on the Mets and Yankees Stadiums which continue to screw the tax payers out of mega millions. How does A-Fraud look himself in the mirror? Quite easily. With all that $$$$ he will always have good friends.

A-Rod what do you have to say about our hospitals being closed?

Matt Damon and Jorge Posada, you told New Yorkers to Vote for mayor Bloomberg and I do not think either of you declare NYC as your resident.

What do you have to say to all the People of NYC that need hospitals and have none because  Bloomberg and his puppet Christine Quinn sold the People of New York out to real estate developers?

Look at Christine Quinn’s list of donors for her mayoral run.

What do New Yorkers do if they have a heart attacks through out New York City in the different boroughs with the exception of the Upper East Side where Bloomberg and some of the richest New Yorkers live?

Why did we bail out banks and did not ask them to repay the bail-outs and why no jail for the bankers?  Why did they get billion dollar bonuses but no bail out for hospitals?

Remember the 2 new Stadiums that tax payers were forced to help build yet most can’t afford a seat, popcorn, a hot dog?  Well click the link above to learn more how the Stadiums are robbing us of mega-millions and now hundreds of parks dept. workers will lost their jobs just like all the hospital workers from so many of these hospitals.