Monday, August 1, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Fox News Channel Dow Down Deficit Up!

What a day, the heat was unbearable, changed in to a dress, as close to portable air conditioning as I could dream about as I walked with a friend from the MOMA to Times Square.

We past Fox News Channel....all quiet no mention of the hacking scandal but the news the Dow was down was flashing for all to see.

The deficit ceiling went up and that is disastrous news as we see more hospitals closes and small business yet no bail outs.

If only we had not let Hank Paulson broker the most corrupt deal ever abusing or should I say stealing tax payer money to bail out people and institutions that should not and protecting them from 1) arrest and 2) not paying back the tax payers as many got multi-million dollar bonuses and enjoy health insurance and luxuries even more American cannot afford let alone dream about.