Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brooklyn Violence Rages Guns and no guns nyc violent

Brooklyn Violence Rages Guns and no guns nyc violent 

Brooklyn violence reported but no other boroughs why?

Mayor Bloomberg and his NYPD intelligence know I was violently assaulted and corrupt NYPD fixed it and in a doctor's office which in my opinion is a human rights violation violations on top of a pile of violence and lies no guns unless u count the guns on corrupts cops hops who fixed this.

155 Spring St Dr Fagelman's office and employee Delita Hooks of Queens Oct 1, 2012 over 14,100 views not news.  

I asked would I consider paper cups instead of styrofoam. I was berated told I have no rights who am I.  The mayor perhaps is so malevolent he remains silent like he does on over whelming violence not even gun related hugely no guns the press is no reporting like a violent assault of a couple on St Marks Place landing them in the hospital.  

Not news this weekend manhattan.  

NY post reports an evil violent woman part of a gang of men tied up 85 year old woman beat and robbed her mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. 

Brooklyn park a man with a gang including 2 women sprayed bullets for the reason all are violent stupidity.  Really you have to be stupid to hit a patient someone said to me. 

The park spraying of bullets hit 5 people and why?

Violent idiot jealous, revenge, fragile ego perceiving slights where they don't exist???